Vaporesso Luxe XR Max Review

The vaping world buzzes with countless mods and devices, but some are more notable than others. The Vaporesso Luxe XR Max is one such device that’s making waves. Let’s uncover why.

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Product Overview

Vaporesso LUXE XR MAX 80W DL Pod System

Vaporesso LUXE XR MAX 80W DL Pod SystemThe Vaporesso LUXE XR MAX is a Direct-To-Lung 80W pod vape system designed for true sub-ohm users. The LUXE XR MAX features an Axon chipset ...
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Vaporesso’s Luxe series seamlessly blends aesthetics with tech prowess, and the Luxe XR Max is no exception.

  • Build & Design: A blend of sophistication and functionality, the Luxe XR Max stands out with its large TFT color touch screen. This isn’t just for show; it facilitates easy navigation and adjustments. The mod’s curves make it ergonomic, ensuring a comfortable grip. And with its myriad of colors and patterns, there’s one to suit everyone’s style.
  • Performance: Vaporesso’s AXON chip is nothing short of a marvel. Users get to experience rapid firing speeds ensuring the device is ready on demand. Its unique Pulse mode continuously gives the coil extra power, resulting in richer flavors. The precision temperature control is a godsend for those who love to tailor their vaping experience.
  • Battery: Sporting support for dual 18650 batteries, the Luxe XR Max is all about longevity. Say goodbye to frequent charging breaks and hello to prolonged vaping sessions.
  • Tank & Coil: The SKRR-S tank is a part of this package, known in vaping circles for its optimal flavor and impressive vapor production. Paired with the QF meshed coils, you’re looking at enhanced flavors and dense clouds.

User Experience

Authentic Vaporesso LUXE XR Max KitBlack

Authentic Vaporesso LUXE XR Max KitBlack
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Direct feedback from real users provides invaluable insights. From a Reddit thread, here’s what vapers are saying:

  • Flavor Experience: The flavor output stands out. Even seasoned vapers who’ve tried numerous devices remarked on the nuanced flavor profiles they could discern.
  • Battery Life: The battery life gets a thumbs up. Even for heavy vapers who’re using their device throughout the day, it manages to last without needing a recharge.
  • Touch Screen: Reviews are mixed here. The majority praise its intuitive design and responsiveness. However, a few users have experienced intermittent glitches, which is something to be aware of.


  1. Sophisticated Design: The sleek and modern aesthetics make it a device that you’ll be proud to flaunt.
  2. High-Performance AXON Chip: Ensures rapid firing speeds, precision temperature control, and a unique Pulse mode for richer flavors.
  3. Impressive Battery Life: Dual 18650 batteries mean prolonged vaping sessions without the need for frequent charging.
  4. SKRR-S Tank: Known for delivering optimal flavor and dense vapor clouds.
  5. User-friendly Interface: A large and intuitive touch screen that facilitates easy adjustments.
  6. Diverse Color Options: With various patterns and colors, there’s a style for every vaper.
  7. Consistent and Reliable: A hallmark of Vaporesso’s Luxe series, offering a dependable vaping experience.
  1. Touch Screen Glitches: While rare, some users have reported intermittent touch screen issues.
  2. Size: A bit on the bulkier side, which might not appeal to those who prefer more compact devices.
  3. Price Point: Though it offers value, it’s positioned in the mid-range segment, which might be slightly steep for some.
  4. Learning Curve: New users might take a while to get acquainted with all its features and settings.

With these pros and cons, potential buyers can weigh the advantages and limitations of the Vaporesso Luxe XR Max, aiding them in their purchase decision.

In the vast sea of vaping devices, how does the Luxe XR Max differentiate itself?

  • Design: There are numerous devices out there with flashy aesthetics, but the Luxe XR Max brings a refined elegance to the table. Its touch screen, which is larger and more intuitive than most competitors, adds to its premium feel.
  • Performance: The combination of the AXON chip and the SKRR-S tank places it in the upper echelons of vape devices. While rivals like the SMOK RPM series offer stiff competition in performance, the Luxe XR Max’s consistency and reliability give it an edge.
  • Price: Positioned in the mid-range segment, it strikes a balance between cost and quality. Some users argue that the Voopoo Drag series might offer slightly better value for money, but when you factor in the Luxe XR Max’s design and performance, it justifies its price tag.


How frequently will I need to recharge the Luxe XR Max?

Given its dual 18650 battery support, most users report a day or more of heavy use before needing a recharge.

Are there any particular e-liquids recommended for this device?

While it works well with a wide range of e-liquids, for best results, using premium quality juices is advised. The SKRR-S tank and meshed coils truly shine with high-quality e-liquids.

What's the durability like? Can it withstand daily wear and tear?

Absolutely. The build quality is robust, and with reasonable care, it should last a long while.


The Vaporesso Luxe XR Max isn’t just another vape device; it’s a statement. Its blend of stellar design, impressive performance, and reliability makes it a must-have for both newbies and vaping veterans. Whether you’re in it for the aesthetics, the tech, or both, the Luxe XR Max doesn’t disappoint.

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