Best Vape Tank for Flavor in 2023

If you ever had a toke that tasted like old burnt e-juice and not even cleaning changes your experience, you might want to change up your vape tank. Using a quality vape tank for flavor is key to getting the balance between vapor volume and taste, so this might be an option for people who already have a setup and simply want to enhance their current vaping experience.

Because of this, we have crafted a small list and guide on the best vape tank for flavor in 2023, from iconic brands Smok, GeekVape, HorizonTech, Uwell, and even Freemax. Some of the key characteristics of quality vape tanks include using high-quality materials like glass, stainless steel, ceramic, different coil systems including single, double, and mesh types, and general durability and airflow. We’ve got a lot to unravel, so let’s start.

Key Takeaways

  • Some benefits of quality vape tanks include getting a pure flavor, consistent performance, and overall durability. This can all be achieved with consistent airflow and proper maintenance.
  • Tips on getting quality vape tanks include materials like ceramic, glass, and stainless steel.
  • There are three types of coils, including dual-use, single-use, and mesh. Each can work differently; just make sure to choose one according to the desired experience, where mesh is preferred for a balanced flavor and smoke.
  • Our list of Vape Tank flavors in our list includes iconic tanks like the GeekVape Zeus, HorizonTech Aquila, or the Smok TFV18.
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A Quick Look at the Best Vape Tanks for Flavor in 2023

What Are the Benefits of a Quality Vape Tank for Flavor?

So, why should you actually care about the vape tank? Well, there are a few benefits you take into account that can make or break your vaping experience. Some benefits of getting a quality vape tank include having a pure flavor, consistent performance, and overall durability. These all ensure you get more flavor with your e-liquid, with a consistent flow from the coil.

This is all related to the science behind how vaping devices work. Basically, the vape tank holds the e-liquid that is essential to vaporization, which is the process that heats up the e-juice into smoke.

Atomizers inside vape tanks are also important. The atomizer in the vape tank houses the coil that will hit the e-liquid to produce smoke, and the type of coil you use and the materials used to heat up the juice will definitely have a change in the airflow and density. So without getting too technical about it, the process involves four key elements that can bring a better experience from choosing a quality vape tank.

The mix of heat, airflow, wicking, and material interaction can alter the flavor in the process. If you don’t have enough heat, you won’t get dense clouds. If there’s not enough airflow inside your tank, it can’t give you better pulls, too. Using the right materials can also change the flavor, so stick to medical or food-grade glass, stainless steel, and ceramic tanks.

Overall, when choosing the best vape tank for flavor, it is important you choose products that don’t react with the e-liquid, too, as it can ruin your experience if you let grime build-up in products made from plastic. Other key features like adjustable airflow, compatibility with quality coils, and a well-designed chimney can definitely get you benefits like flavor optimization.

Best Vape Tanks for Flavor

Now that we’ve checked some of the key benefits, let’s go with some of our choices on the list for the best vape tank for flavor. In the following list, we’ll take a quick look at some quality tanks, from the iconic Geekvape Zeus to a new classic with the SMOK TFV18 tank. Let’s take a look.

Geekvape Zeus

Meet one of the new classics, the GeekVape Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank. This baby is one of the new favorites of users thanks to its top adjustable airflow design, leakproof technology, and large e-liquid capacity. It is also pretty affordable in less than the $27 USD range.


Honestly, the Geekvape Zeus is one of the best tanks you can get in this range. It uses Mesh Z coils to optimize flavor and cloud production. With a sophisticated atomizer, Pyrex glass for the chamber’s body, and an adjustable airflow design (with both tight and flowy options), this system has a 5ml maximum e-juice capacity and is designed to channel and focus airflow with a leakproof protection element. It also comes with a child-safe locking drip tip feature that keeps small hands away, with easy-to-change coil features with a plug-in design.


  • Seven different colors are available
  • High-quality pyrex construction
  • Leakproof technology with Z-mesh coils
  • Adjustable airflow for more smoke or flavor


  • Might not be everyone’s cup of tea design-wise

Horizontech Aquila Sub Ohm Tank

The Horizontech Aquila Sub Ohm Tank stands out thanks to its innovative design, which can be really helpful for coil replacement. It comes with the courtesy of a plug-in-out coil changing method which is at the bottom base. This feature can simplify the process, so if this has stopped you from getting some nice tokes, you are in for a treat.


This vape tank includes a 25.3mm diameter, adjustable airflow control, a 510-thread type, and a medical glass tank material. Besides its notable feature of a one-click spring loaded button, which makes refills super quick and hassle-free, it also comes with a coil-replacement system in the base. You can use two types of mesh coils: try the dual mesh coils for lots of power for veterans, and single coils for new users or a simpler experience, providing versatility in both power and performance.


  • Innovative plug-in-out coil replacement
  • Top filling system with a one-click spring-loaded design
  • 5ml e-liquid capacity
  • Mesh coil compatibility for better flavor and cloud production
  • High cloud density and adjustable airflow for a tailored vaping experience
  • 5 different designs


  • A little more expensive than other products on this list


One of the best choices in our list for the best vape tank for flavor in 2023 is the iconic SMOK TFV18 tank. This brand is simply one of the new go-to’s when thinking of vape devices, and this small gem is quickly climbing the spot to become a favorite among new and old users.


Truly, the SMOK TFV18 Tank is just a force to reckon with. It has a dual-slotted bottom airflow design and a big volume with its 7.5ml volume capacity. While it’s not as pocket-friendly as others in this list, it’s a powerhouse that will work for most users easily.

Construction-wise, the TFV18 uses a mix of superior stainless steel and Pyrex glass for the tank’s body, ensuring durability and a sleek look. It also has an airflow design that looks sophisticated, offering a tailored vaping experience depending on whether you want MTL or DTL vaping.

Lastly, it also comes with a press-and-slide top filling system, which, paired with a button near the drip tip, can make refilling super easy while minimizing any sort of leaking possibilities.


  • Available in different colors for a personalized touch
  • High-grade construction with stainless steel and Pyrex built
  • Big e-liquid capacity ensures fewer refills and longer vaping sessions
  • Advanced coil compatibility for enhanced flavor
  • Adjustable airflow designed to MTL and DTL preferences
  • Leak-minimizing and easy-to-refill design


  • Larger size might not be the best choice for people who want a lowkey vaping experience

Freemax Maxus Pro Tank

Next, meet another brand that’s also gained a lot of popularity in the last few years as a staple for vaping products, the Freemax Maxus Pro Tank. With a unique blend of resin and metal and very pretty honeycomb glass, it’s the mix for those who want something stylish and chic with their setup without losing portability and airflow.


The Freemax Maxus Pro Tank has a unique blend of resin and metal, with a honeycomb glass and a system that uses three distinct steel ball mechanisms. This ensures a stable vaping experience while curbing potential leaking issues.

The slide-to-open top filling design is easy to use, making refilling a breeze while keeping stickiness away. What truly sets apart this vape tank is how it uses military-grade SS904L mesh and Tea Fiber Cotton formula, which can help with durability and better smoking very easily.


  • Big 5ml e-liquid capacity, perfect for extended vaping sessions
  • Three steel balls mechanism for a stable and leak-resistant vaping experience
  • Slide-to-open top which gives a hassle-free refill
  • Broad coil compatibility with 904L M1, M2, M3, and M4 mesh coils
  • Adjustable airflow for different types of experiences


  • The design, while stylish, might not cater to those seeking a more understated or simplistic look

Uwell Valyrian 3

Lastly, meet Uwell’s Valyrian 3 Tank. This marvel in modern vaping tech boasts an updated flavor testing technology, which basically gives you the best of both worlds: flavor and smoke. The self-cleaning technology is also a nifty feature that can help you make your maintenance a hassle-free experience.


The Valyrian 3 tank has a pretty big capacity, with 6ml of e-juice, which will keep you puffing longer between refills. The bad news is that it only works with Valyrian coils, but it can use the last version’s (Valyrian 2) coils. They also come with two spare coils, which saves you the trouble of buying replacement coils for the first few months.

Now, let’s go with other positives. It is available in five different colors, including gunmetal, silver, black, blue, and iridescent. It also has a self-cleaning technology, which makes it very easy to upkeep and smoke. The design is basically leak-proof, ensuring no mess or stress.


  • Pro-focs flavor testing technology
  • Self-cleaning technology makes maintenance super easy
  • Leak-proof design
  • 6ml e-juice capacity for extended vaping sessions
  • Available in a selection of colors to suit your style


  • Limited to Valyrian coils

What We Look for When Choosing the Best Vape Tank for Flavor

To craft this list of our choices for the best vape tank for flavor, we had to take a look at three main characteristics: material, coil type, and airflow system. Let’s check each of these characteristics to see how they can affect your vape tanks’ flavor.


As we talked about before, there are three types of materials you’ll want to stick with stainless steel, ceramic, and medical-grade glass. These three are temperature-resistant, won’t keep flavor residues, and won’t leave residues burning as long as you keep your tank clean.


You can find single coil, dual coil, and mesh coil types. Each of these has different ways of working, with different types of materials like steel, nickel, or kanthal. Make sure to use one that fits your tank system. We tried to suggest vape tanks that have stainless steel and a mesh coil.

The different coil designs and materials can affect heating efficiency, which can definitely change your flavor. So, generally, mesh coils provide a larger surface area for better flavor production.

Airflow System

Lastly, the airflow system used in the vape tanks affects the density and temperature of vapor, thus impacting the flavor. A good airflow system can prevent overheating and balance vapor production. Tighter airflow systems can enhance, while looser airflow can produce more vapor, but dilute the flavor instead. Because of this, we chose products that could help users looking for either more smoke or more flavor.

Closing Thoughts

Sadly, we’ve come to the end of our best vape tank for flavor in the 2023 list. We covered some basics on the benefits of using a quality vape component, including the materials, the functions, and how it can definitely enhance either your smoke or flavor in your vaping experience. We looked at some brands that can definitely help your vaping, including Smok, Vapegeek, Freemax, and Horizontech.

Remember to stick with materials like stainless steel, ceramic, and medical-grade glass or Pyrex. Different types of coils can affect your airflow and how vaping starts, so make sure to choose one that has plenty of space and change it every 2 weeks or once you get a burnt taste.

Lastly, airflow is key. Quality vape tanks will allow you to change between a tighter airflow for more flavor or a looser one that can give you big vapor clouds with a softer flavor. Whichever your choice is, just make sure to get a tank that can let you experiment.

You can also learn more about different types of vape tanks here:

Best Vape Tanks for Flavor: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Vape Tank?

A vape tank is a key component in a vaping device, which basically holds e-liquid and heats it up, vaporizing it through the coil and mod system.

How Does a Vape Tank Affect Flavor?

Vape tanks can affect the flavor depending on the material, airflow, tank design, and even coil type and quality.

What Are the Best Materials for a Vape Tank if Flavor Is My Priority?

The best materials for a vape tank, if flavor is your priority, are basically medical-grade glass, stainless steel, and ceramic. These three are your best bet if you want to keep flavors clean and steer away from porous materials like plastic.

How Do I Maintain My Vape Tank for the Best Flavor?

The best way to maintain your vape tank for the best flavor is to have proper storage and cleaning and change your coil every 1-2 weeks whenever you notice a decline in flavor.


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