Best Sub Ohm Tank for Flavor

If you just aren’t getting enough flavor out of your vape, then you might want to try sub-ohm vaping. For those who don’t know what sub-ohm vaping is, this is a special type of vaping that uses a coil with a low resistance level.

Without getting too technical, the ohms of your atomizer coil are what determine the resistance, and the higher the ohms, the more resistance your coils have.

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Generally speaking, most vape tanks have more than one ohm, but today, we are talking about those that have less than one ohm, therefore known as sub-ohm vaping. If your coils and tanks have a lot of resistance, it will restrict the wattage that can flow through them as well as the maximum temperature that they can reach.

This directly impacts the overall flavor, vaping experience, and the size of clouds that you can produce when vaping. The lower the ohms, the more wattage and heat your coils can produce, and therefore, the more flavor you’ll get, along with bigger clouds too.

Key Takeaways

  •       Sub-ohm vaping involves coils that have a resistance of less than one ohm.
  •       Thanks to various features, sub-ohm vape tanks produce more vapor and flavor than other varieties.
  •       Keep reading to find out what all of the best sub-ohm vape tanks are, as well as how to choose the right one for you.

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What Makes a Sub-Ohm Tank Great for Flavor?

The main feature of a sub-ohm vape tank and coil that you need to be aware of is that because these units allow more wattage to flow through them, combined with higher temperatures, they also vaporize much more of the e-liquid at once. 

While more is not always better, when it comes to producing really flavorful and large hits with your vape, more is better in this case.

The lower the ohms on your vape are, the more e-liquid is vaporized at once, providing you with the most flavorful hits. You’re just getting a lot more of the same e-liquid with every hit, therefore maximizing the flavor.

What also stands out about sub-ohm vaping is that it also produces much bigger clouds of vapor, which is something that a lot of people love, especially those who like to do vape tricks.

Furthermore, good sub-ohm tanks also have other features that make them great for flavor. For instance, the vast majority of the sub-ohm vape tanks come with mesh coils. Mesh coils are specific types of coils that have a large surface area on the inside, allowing for more liquid to flow through them.

You might also want to look for adjustable airflow in a good sub-ohm tank to maximize the potential you get from the flavor. The more air you can get flowing at once, the more of that e-liquid you can vaporize at any given time, providing you with the most flavor. On that note, cotton wicks are a great idea to carry as much liquid at once as possible.

It’s important to note that if you are sub-ohm vaping, you may want to use e-liquids that have fairly low nicotine levels. If you are using a sub-ohm vape and you have an e-liquid that has high nicotine levels, you’ll end up vaping a lot of nicotine at once, possibly more than you might have intended to. So, what is the best sub-ohm tank for flavor? Keep reading and find out!

What is the Best Sub-Ohm Tank for Flavor?

Now that we know why these sub-ohm tanks are so good for flavor, let’s take a closer look at some of the best models out there. The following sub-ohm vape tanks are fantastic in terms of providing the user with a great flavor experience.

Geekvape Z SE Sub-Ohm Tank

The Geekvape Z SE is one of the best options for sub-ohm vaping. It comes with two separate coils, the Z Series coils, both of which are specifically designed for sub-ohm vaping, with one having 0.15 ohms and the other 0.4 ohms. They both feature virtually zero resistance.

In terms of producing big and flavorful clouds, the wicking material on the inside of these coils is also ideal for maximum liquid flow.

This model is also ideal for maximum flavor and clouds when vaping because it features adjustable airflow. Being able to maximize the airflow means being able to maximize the amount of vapor being produced and, therefore, the amount of flavor.

The Geekvape also has a few other great features, such as a high-capacity 5.5-milliliter tank, with the whole unit being made out of durable stainless steel. If you’re interested in Geekvape, check out this Geekvape brand review, as well as this review of the Geekvape Z Tank Black.

Lost Vape Centaurus Sub-Ohm Tank

The Lost Vape Centaurus is another great model to consider for sub-ohm vaping, mainly because it comes with state-of-the-art coils. These include the 0.15 ohm UB Max X1 coil and the 0.3 ohm UB Max X3 coil. Both of these coils are specifically designed to allow for minimum resistance, maximum wattage, and maximal E-liquid flow, which is also thanks to the special quaking material used on the inside.

What helps produce big clouds and a whole lot of flavor is the top-to-side airflow system that allows for maximum airflow. 

All in all, it’s one of the best options out there for sub-ohm vaping, which is also thanks to the five-milliliter capacity, the top filling system, and the leakproof design. The unit as a whole is made out of both glass and stainless steel, so not only is it tough, but appealing to look at as well.

Maxus Pro Tank (Resin Edition) – Freemax

If you are looking for minimum resistance, then the coils that come with the Maxus Pro Tank are some of the best options at your disposal. One of the coils is a 904L M1 mesh coil with a resistance of 0.15 ohms. The other one is the 904L M2 mesh coil with 0.2 ohms of resistance.

Both feature minimal resistance, therefore allowing for maximum e-liquid vaporizing and plenty of flavor. The flavor here is all thanks to the CoilTech 4.0 mesh technology used here.

Although it may not feature adjustable airflow, it features a very wide mouthpiece, which means that you can still pull a lot of air through it at once. It also features a dual-slotted bottom airflow system, something else that helps to maximize airflow and vapor production. The 304 stainless steel and Pyrex glass construction of this tank also helped make it very durable.

GeekVape Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank

The Zeus produces clouds of vapor and flavors that are just as impressive as the name itself. Just like with the first model from GeekVape that we reviewed above, this one also comes with the Z Series coils, both of which are well known for their great flavors. To be specific, here you get the Z1 coil with 0.4 ohms of resistance and the Z2 coil with 0.2 ohms of resistance.

What’s really nice is that the coils feature a plug-in design, which means that installing and removing them is about as easy as it gets. To help produce maximum clouds and great flavors, this unit comes with top adjustable airflow with dual slots. The adjustable airflow is also designed to be quick and easy to use.

Overall, the airflow system here is designed to produce as much vapor as possible, which is in part also thanks to the sophisticated atomizer in place. The fact that it can hold up to 5 milliliters of e-liquid and is made out of highly durable materials are just two more bonuses.

Uwell Valyrian 3 Sub-Ohm Tank

When it comes to some of the best coils for vaping, both the UN2 VALYRIAN III coil with 0.32 ohms and the UN2-2 VALYRIAN III coil with 0.14 ohms in this tank are top contenders.

These are very advanced coils that are built in such a way to allow for maximum E-liquid flow and vaporization, which is in part also thanks to the special wicking material used on the inside. These specific coils featured in the Uwell Valyrian 3 Sub-Ohm Tank are known as being some of the best in the world as far as vapor and flavor production are concerned.

The tank itself is also quite impressive as it can hold a whopping 6 milliliters of e-liquid. The wide mouthpiece and the advanced airflow design of this unit are also ideal for producing as much flavor as possible.

SMOK TFV16 Mesh Tank

SMOK has for a long time been an industry leader in the vape world, and it’s easy to see why when we look at this particular tank. First and foremost, it comes with a TFV16 mesh 0.16-ohm coil and a TFV16 dual mesh 0.12-ohm coil.

The fact that you get mesh coils with such low resistance levels is very impressive, and of course, this leads to maximum vapor and flavor production. These are known as some of the very best coils in the world, not just in terms of flavor but in terms of overall performance as well.

This tank also has adjustable bottom airflow with dual slots, therefore effectively doubling the amount of airflow possible when compared to other such vape tanks. Once again, more airflow means more vapor, and at the end of the day, that means more flavor.

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this tank, however, is that it can hold a whopping 9 milliliters of E-liquid, which is almost twice as much as anything else we’ve looked at today. The Rotary top fill system combined with the locking mechanism are just two other great features here.

Choosing the Right Sub-Ohm Tank

Before you choose any sub-ohm tank for yourself, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

The E-Liquid

One of the most important considerations when choosing a sub-ohm tank is the type of e-liquid that you are using. For the record, there are two main types: freebase and nic salts. Nic or nicotine salts, are generally much smoother on the throat and contain a higher level of nicotine when compared to free-base e-liquids.

If you plan on using nicotine salts with your sub-ohm vape, beware that you will get a very large hit. Nicotine salts, when compared with sub-ohm vape tanks, produce very large clouds that often contain high levels of nicotine. Therefore, if you are planning to get as much nicotine in you as possible, using the lowest resistance level possible combined with nicotine salts is your best bet.

However, this is also a really easy way to inhale too much nicotine at once. If you are going to use nicotine salts, keep the ohms at just under one, but not too low. On the other hand, if you’re planning to maximize flavor and you want the best selection of flavors possible, then freebase liquids are the better way to go. 

When choosing a sub-ohm vape tank, choose one that is best suited for the type of E-liquid that you want, whether freebase or nicotine salts.

VG vs. PG

The next factor to consider is what your e-liquid is made out of, with both nicotine salts and freebase liquids being made out of a combination of VG or vegetable glycerin and PG or propylene glycol. Liquids that are higher in vegetable glycerin are usually much smoother on the throat and also produce bigger clouds.

If you are sub-ohm vaping, especially if you are using a direct-to-lung inhalation method, as discussed below, then a high VG liquid is best. Any vape liquid you use in a sub-ohm vape should contain at least 60% VG and not more than 40% PG, or you’ll end up with really hot clouds that don’t taste good.

High PG vape liquids, when used in a sub-ohm vape, generally taste like they are burnt. To avoid really harsh hits and burnt flavors, if you are using e-liquid high in PG, consider not going much below 1 ohm, or if you want to sub-ohm vape, use a liquid with a higher ratio of VG.


Also, consider your own vaping style, which more or less comes down to MTL versus DTL. MTL stands for mouth-to-lung, and DTL stands for direct-to-lung. With MTL, you first let the vapor sit in your mouth before pulling it into your lungs. With DTL, you pull the vapor directly into your lungs from the unit.

Generally speaking, most people prefer to use sub-ohm vape tanks for direct-to-lung vaping. sub-ohm vapes produce much denser and warmer clouds, which people who use the DTL inhalation method generally prefer. However, if you prefer using a mouth-to-lung inhalation method, sub-ohm vaping might not be right for you.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line here is that there are plenty of great sub-ohm vape tanks out there that help to maximize flavor and vape cloud production. We’ve looked at some of the best models here today, but as long as you keep all of the most important purchasing factors in mind, you should have no problems choosing your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s wrap things up by quickly answering some of your most frequently asked questions about sub-ohm vaping.

What Distinguishes Sub-Ohm Tanks from Others in Terms of Flavor?

The difference here is that they feature much less resistance, otherwise known as ohms. They usually also have mesh coils and cotton wicks. They vape more of the liquid at once, therefore producing more flavor.

How Often Should I Replace My Sub-ohm Tank for the Best Flavor Experience?

For the best flavor experience, the coils in your sub-ohm tank should be changed roughly every two weeks.

Can The Type of E-Liquid Affect the Flavor Performance of a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Yes, choosing either nicotine salts or freebase liquids can make a big difference in terms of flavor, as can the difference between PG and VG liquids.


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