How To Fix a Short Circuit Vape

how to fix short circuit vape

There’s nothing quite like getting a short-circuit mid-session, with low-density pulls and your vape’s battery just draining after one terrible cloud. It’s like planning a cozy movie night when ...

Best Banana Flavored Vape Juice

Best Banana Flavored Vape Juice

Are you searching for the best banana flavored vape juice? Look no further. I've tried countless banana e-liquids to bring you the ultimate list of the most delectable, authentic, and satisfying ...

How to Ghost with a Vape

A woman ghost inhaling a vape

Ever seen some of those nifty tricks on vapes where someone pulls in a lot of smoke and exhales it only to inhale it back again? This is one of the most common vape tricks out there, called the ...

Best Watermelon Vape Juice

Watermelon Vape Juice

When it comes to vaping, finding the perfect flavor can make all the difference. One flavor that has gained popularity among vapers is watermelon. Its refreshing, sweet taste has captured the ...

How to Hide Vape Smoke

How to Hide Vape Smoke

Vaping, while a cool alternative to traditional smoking, can be a bit tricky when you're sharing space with others who aren't fans of the habit. This article is your secret guide to ninja-vaping! ...

Best Sub Ohm Tank for Flavor

Best Sub Ohm Tank for Flavor

If you just aren't getting enough flavor out of your vape, then you might want to try sub-ohm vaping. For those who don't know what sub-ohm vaping is, this is a special type of vaping that uses a ...

How to Get Buzzed off a Vape

how to get buzzed off a vape

Diving into the world of vaping can be an exhilarating journey, especially for those curious about the much-talked-about 'buzz' it offers. This sensation, often a focal point for many vapers, hinges ...

What is an Atomizer on a Vape?

An atomizer on a vape

The atomizer is the essence of any vaping device, transforming e-liquid into vapor for a fulfilling vaping experience. It's a testament to the innovation within the vaping community, catering to a ...
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