WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Yocan iShred Vaporizer Herbal Vape Pen
Yocan iShred Vaporizer Herbal Vape Pen
Yocan iShred Vaporizer Herbal Vape Pen
Yocan iShred Vaporizer Herbal Vape Pen
Yocan iShred Vaporizer Herbal Vape Pen
Yocan iShred Vaporizer Herbal Vape Pen
Yocan iShred Vaporizer Herbal Vape Pen

Order now, pay later with zero interest using Sezzle

Order now, pay later with zero interest using Sezzle

Yocan iShred Vaporizer Herbal Vape Pen

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The Yocan iShred herbal vaporizer is a portable dry herb vape pen designed with a built-in stirring stick and built-in grinder that also serves as container for your material giving ultimate convenience in the palm of your hand. This self-contained vaporizer has everything you need all-in-one for when you are on the go. 

Features and Specs:

  • Built-in Grinder
  • Built-in Stir Pin
  • Long-lasting 2600mah 18650 High Drain Battery (included)
  • 5-minute Safety Shut-off
  • Temperature Range: 200F - 460F / 93C - 238C
  • True Vaporization / Non Combustion / No Smoke
  • Size: 145mm x 28mm
  • OLED Display
  • Micro USB Charging

What You Get:

  • 1x iShred Herbal Vaporizer / Dry Herb Pen Mod
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Retail Gift Box
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Lance L.

Smooth hits

It takes very smooth hits I like the stirrer inside of the mouthpiece but the I shred grinder is strange to use.

Kaylyn W.

Three Stars

This was my first dry herb pen and it was pretty decent. There's no smoke so there's also no smell, and it states it only comes with one charging cable and mine came with 2. But it takes forever to charge and the battery life is pretty short. Overall probably not totally worth the price.

M B.

In Response to Ruby

I just got mine today at a local vape shop. I have had a Randy's zip for about a year and for all the replacement caps I've had to buy for it I could have bought a brand new one. I then bought a Kandy's herb pen which was a huge failure. The cap cracked in less than two weeks so I brought it back and they traded me for the ishred. I have to say that the mouth piece and ceramic chamber is just what I was looking for and the screen... You can easily remove it by poking a blunt object through the hole and it comes out. You can also buy replacement screens for it at a local smoke shop. Not that difficult to do I clean mine with rubbing alcohol and salt. It has a lot of built in adjustment settings and you need to read the instructions carefully! I haven't used it yet, but I'm super excited. It is far the best I've seen for the price.

A VAPES Customer
Ruby L.

One Major Drawback Ruins It

The ISHRED heats fast and has a lot of cool features, but it has one major defect that hampers its functionality enough to render it highly inconvenient to use. Also, the instructions do not tell you how to turn it on and off. They say they do, but one step is missing; the one that actually turns it on and off. 1. There is a recessed screen, about 5mm wide, under the mouthpiece. It gets clogged with resin very quickly, within two or three uses, and you can't get at it with anything. The device comes with a little brush, but it doesn't work for that. I tried a bunch of little sharp things to no avail. The only way to get it clean is to boil the part in water for about 1/2 hour. I'm just not willing to do that every few days, despite the excellent vape experience it provides when it's clear. 2. To turn on the screen so you can adjust the settings you press the power button 5 times, like most units, but the directions say nothing about how to start heating. You press once to wake it up. Then you press and hold until you see the temperature start climbing. That part is missing from the instructions. Actually, the instructions say that holding the button will allow you change from Fahrenheit to Celsius. The people at Vapes.com didn't know this, which indicates they don't personally try the devices before selling them. They were nice, but unable to help me with this problem. I just managed to figure it out on my own.

Amy C.

AWESOME vape for the price!!!!!

Heats up fast! Battery is great too!!