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Yocan 5 Shooter (5-Bowl Rotatable Wax Vaporizer Kit)

By: Yocan

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The Yocan 5 Shooter is a rotatable 5-bowl wax concentrate vaporizer kit with with State of the art Nero Technology no unhealthy wicks or coils. Inside this single unit you have 5 Nero tech heating elements on a rotatable base. Fill these 5 heating elements with concentrates and relax for the rest of the night with no hassle of reloading and the convenience of having 5 different flavors. Takes an 18350 battery loaded from the bottom for easy access for charging. Only one left and is open item checked by customs from original factory shipment.


  • 5-Bowls on a Rotating Base
  • Compatible With 18350 Batteries
  • Uses Nero Coils - No Wicks!
  • Reliable Spring-Loaded Electrode Connection and Protection

What You Get:

  • 1x Yocan 5 Shooter (completed)
  • 5x Dual Coil Heating Elements
  • 5x Nero Heating Elements
  • 1x 18350 Li-ion Battery
  • 1x Li-ion Battery Charger
  • 1x Small Wax Tool
  • 1x Gift Box


**We cannot be held liable for any damages that result from improper use and disregard for safety.

**Do not overcharge Li-ion batteries. Use proper battery storage. Do not charge batteries unattended/overnight.

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