Viscid E-Liquid by Rasta Vapors (Raspberry Mango Clementine Cream)

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$ 23.00
Nicotine Strength

Close your eyes and let your mind run free while vaping this delicious Viscid eLiquid. Crammed full of super-sweet-sugary fruits this combination will leave your mind perplexed and allow you to experience something incomprehensibly awesome. Now open your eyes and see the world through the mangos, grapes and raspberries held within Viscid eLiquid!

TASTES LIKE: Super Sweet Creamy Ripe Raspberries with other hints of fruit

Ultra Premium eLiquid using 100% Organic Vegetable Glycerine and Premium Quality Flavorings

  • MAX VG
  • USDA Certified VG

What You Get:

  • 1x 30ml Glass Bottle w/ Dripper

Shipped from Rasta Vapors in Jacksonville, Florida

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