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Seego Vhit Type-C2 Atomizer For Wax

Seego Vhit Type-C2 Atomizer For Wax

By: Seego

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The Vhit Type C2 is one of two new members of the wax/oil concentrate family of atomizers by Seego. The C2 comes with 3 different coil types including a ceramic plate, dual quartz stainless steel, and dual quartz nichrome. The glass dome is made of high borosilicate glass. The Vhit type C2 also features a rotary joint on the cap and base to increase the overall integrity if the glass is compromised.


  • 510 Threaded
  • Adjustable Top Airflow
  • Pyrex Glass Drip Tip
  • 3 Different Coil - Cereamic Plate - Dual Quartz Stainless Steel Coil - Quartz Dual Coil

What You Get

  • 1x  Cereamic Plate Coil
  • 1x  Dual Quartz Stainless Steel Coil
  • 1x  Quartz Dual Nichrome Coil
  • 1x  Pyrex glass drip tip
  • 1x  Coil Cap
  • 1x  Globe Glass Body
  • 1x  Base

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