WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)
Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)

Order now, pay later with zero interest using Sezzle

Order now, pay later with zero interest using Sezzle

Suorin Drop Pod Vape Starter Kit 2ml (300mAh)

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Looking for that perfect vape? Look no further, the Sourin drop is the perfect device for anyone, being an all in one vape, all you need to do is add e-juice and charge via the micro-USB port and your all set. Shaped like a drop of water, the Suorin Drop was made to fit in your hand.


  • Battery capacity: 300mAh
  • Resistance: 1.3 - 1.4ohm
  • E-juice capacity: 2ml
  • Unique shape, made to last
  • Ergonomic fit in your hand
  • Charges in 45min or less
  • Size: 73mm x 49mm x 12mm

What You Get:

  • 1x Suorin Drop battery
  • 1x Suorin Drop Pod Cartridge (2ml)
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Retail Gift Box

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*NOTE* Pod mods are low-power devices designed for mouth-to-lung vaping high nicotine e-liquid and nicotine saltsUse caution with all nicotine e-liquids especially high nicotine and strong nicotine salts. E-Liquids sold separately.

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Julie H.
United States United States

Got as posted

Great packaging quick service

Chris M.
United States United States

Suorin Drop

I have 5 Drops! They are absolutely reliable Saltnic Devices!

Jenelle K.
United States


It's really great. It's so small and can fit in the smallest of pockets. Also the battery life is amazing, seriously this thing can last me a week with no charge. But I don't vape as much as when I bought it. The amount of smoke is satisfying and you could do tricks, if thats you're thing.

United States


I really like this it’s small and easy to use and easy to take with. I use it when I go to football games as our stadium has a no smoking policy it’s easy to sneak in in my “girl” bag. Yea I know I shouldn’t but seriously. I’m over them putting vaping in the same category as cigarettes.

pagan v.

I like this thing

Cons: It's hard to fill the reservoir without spilling some. The openings are really small and e-juice tends to pool on top rather than filling the chamber. Also, the manufacturer's recommendation that you replace the pod cartridge every five times you fill it is frankly ludicrous. It's a small chamber and it empties pretty quickly. Pros: This thing is seriously cool. The diamond blue is especially gorgeous. And I love that it takes very little effort to use this. Another reviewer said it took some lung power, but I suspect that was after he dropped it, which I certainly don't recommend you do. It's pretty much like breathing in naturally. And the shape is lovely and very easy to hide in your pocket, while still heavy enough to feel substantial when you hold it.. It produces a good steam cloud. and it doesn't burn the taste of e-juice. Despite the difficulty in filling the thing, I am in love. I've been using basic pens, but the way this works and the way it feels is far superior, without costing that much more.

Thomas A.

Was great while it lasted, just don't "Drop" it.

This was a great little devices with a few quirks that caused me to downgrade. I bought this because I was tired of my gas station stick with the disposable pods, and want something portable that I can take anywhere. The great thing about this little deal, is how portable and discreet it is. Using nic salts, you can sneak a puff pretty much anywhere without attracting attention. So, I always carried this along with my other device in case that would run out of charge or liquid. Also, no proprietary charge system and can use any of my USB cords. However, this thing is quirky. I had to hold it down slightly or wiggle to get a hit. Plus, you need to draw pretty hard sometimes to get it started. Wrapping your hand around it helps, kind of restricting the air flow through the device. Also, one chamber seems to drain faster than the others. The solution is simply to pop open the filling flaps and let the liquid even out. Also, the pod leaked (not much) after numerous refills requiring cleaning the bottom of the pod, and then dragging a rag inside the pod chamber. While these are minor inconveniences; -1 star. One of my pet peeves with any device is reliability and sustainability to keep it running. For instance, not being able to get a coil for a tank, or replace a tank glass. as this seemed to be harder and harder to get it going, and figuring the pod was burnt (I've had it about a month), I looked for replacement pods. No such luck, until I found some overpriced ones at a local vape shop. Even so, the thing was getting more unreliable;-1 star. Unfortunately, it eventually died. Ultimately, it comes down to durability. I think "Drop" is appropriate because I've probably "dropped" the thing about 5 times, including losing it in the yard lawn mowing. Maybe something with the shape, but seems prone to have it slip out of my hand or pocket. Even so, it still seemed to charge and work (with the quirks getting worse), and I was happy because you drop some other mods and it results in cracked tank glass or worse. So, it was either replace the pod or add it to my bin of oldies. I decided to take it apart instead. What I think happened, was there is a small air switch underneath a rubber piece, and the reason these are quirky is it doesn't seal well against the pod bottom. Hence, wrapping the hand around is a pseudo seal. Also, as the pod leaked, it likely caused the air switch to become saturated, and I also believe a connection severed after my last "Drop". -1 star on dying after a month. Overall I think this is a good start, but Suorin need to do some enhancements to make it viable for the price (these things can be $40 at a vape shop).

Gay B.

Good vape

I like using this vape more than my expensive $100 SMOK mod.