Soft Silicone Nonstick Dab Jar (5ml)

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Made from soft, pastel, food-grade silicone, these Dab Jars are a MUST if you dabble in wax and oil concentrates! Eliminate the mess and reduce wasted oil with a non-stick food-grade silicone container jar for storing wax and oil concentrates.

  • Non-Stick!
  • No Waste!
  • No Mess!

Product Features:

  • Soft Food Grade Silicone
  • Twist On/Off Lid
  • Capacity 5ml
  • Weight 17g
  • Diameter 30mm
  • Height 19mm
  • Beveled interior
  • Holds up to 3 grams (and a little more)

*Substitute color may be sent.

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