Smok Leader RBC Clearomizer Atomizer

by Smok
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$ 7.99
$ 2.25

Toss your CE4 atomizers and grab a Leader RBC!

The Leader RBC by Smoktech is a next-gen high-quality rebuildable clearomizer with a bottom-feeding atomizer coil. These atomizers make great replacement upgrade to the older CE4 style clearomizers because it eliminates problems that traditional long wick clearomizers can have.


Main Benefits:

  • Replaceable coil heads! You don't have to replace the entire thing when it burns out.
  • You can change the atomizer coil head when it's still full of liquid.
  • It's the best atomizer in its price range!

Comes preloaded with a 2.4ohm resistance atomizer coil head. Replacement atomizer coils sold separately.