WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Smok Leader RBC Clearomizer Atomizer
Smok Leader RBC Clearomizer Atomizer

Order now, pay later with zero interest using Sezzle

Order now, pay later with zero interest using Sezzle

Smok Leader RBC Clearomizer Atomizer

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Toss your CE4 atomizers and grab a Leader RBC!

The Leader RBC by Smoktech is a next-gen high-quality rebuildable clearomizer with a bottom-feeding atomizer coil. These atomizers make great replacement upgrade to the older CE4 style clearomizers because it eliminates problems that traditional long wick clearomizers can have.


Main Benefits:

  • Replaceable coil heads! You don't have to replace the entire thing when it burns out.
  • You can change the atomizer coil head when it's still full of liquid.
  • It's the best atomizer in its price range!

Comes preloaded with a 2.4ohm resistance atomizer coil head. Replacement atomizer coils sold separately.

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This is the best tank

This is the best tank I have used ! Coils last a long time and cheap and easy to replace. U get pretty good clouds. I only ever had one break and that was my fault, got to hot. I use many of the flavors that they warn about, with no probs. Great tank and for the price even better.

This is the best clearomizer

This is the best clearomizer Ive tried. Far beats ce4. Takes a long time to foul the wick, when it does, u can get cheap coils with new wicks that just screw in easily. If u want to go cjeaper, buy water & cotton and build new coil. This clearo has many o-rings and excellent fit and quality. Im happier with this than my $25 iSub. Tip: if u want bigger clouds, take off the extra cotton sitting on top of coil just leaving the cotton in the coil. Hits amazing for a clearo that way

It broke after I used

It broke after I used it once I will try one more but if it happens again I'm done!

almost perfect

the only reason i didnt give this 5 stars is because it seems like the coil is rusting. I was using a clear flavor and within a day it was a orange/light brown color. Also, the tube doesnt seal completely. I end up sucking liquid into the tube.

Betty C.

I Liked it

Tia H.
SMOK Leader RBC Clearomizer

I am so pleased with this new clearomizer. To me, it's so much better than the top-filling versions!

Vinnie F.
Really good

Way better than my old CE4, looks nice too.

Hells Yes!

I got this as a gift from Jeff and I am so happy with this baby. I also had the CE4 Clearomizer Atomizer and one of the tips came off after a month and a half. There is no tip to unscrew on this one, you just take it off at the base. I love that there is no possible accident in getting the juice in that "don't get juice tube" (sorry, I don't know the name of it). I also like that it seems like it won't crack since it's made out of plastic and one whole piece. I want more of these guys! I have yet to experience a burn taste in the week and half that I have been using it. Get it, get it, get it!

I love these atomizers! I

I love these atomizers! I was using the CE4 I got with my starter kit but it didn't blow out enough smoke plus I couldn't set the voltage very high on my variable voltage battery. Now with the RBC I can vape all the way up to 4.8 volts, get a lot of thick smoke which I can actually feel plus is doesn't get burnt taste when I do that like a CE4 clearomizer would.