Seego E-Hit Replacement Atomizer

by Seego
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$ 19.99
$ 10.95

The Ehit has a 1.2ml tank capacity and special clear hollow tank design with built the atomizer located at the bottom. The bottom atomizer allows the liquid to flow naturally with direct contact to the atomizing, there is no wicking process.

Advantages of the Ehit

  • No bottom vent - No leaking - Air hole vents are located at the top of the atomizer which feed to the bottom where the atomizer is located.

A single full E-Hit Atomizer includes:

  • 1x E-Hit Atomizer
  • 1x Silicon Tank Cap

To fill the atomizer tank you simply remove the silicone cap and fill the tank with juice or oil. There is no need to use needle bottle or blunt syringe of any kind.

Ehit resistance voltage rating around d:2.3--2.4 ohm

WORKS WITH eGo, 510, A-Pen and Tri Stick VAPORIZERS!

Note: This is a replacement atomizer and does not come with a cover or mouthpiece. If you need the mouthpiece and cover/case, then please purchase the full Ehit Atomizer version.