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Saionara Replacement Coils for Sai Wax Atomizer

By: SZ Crossing

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Replacement coils for the powerful sub-ohm Saionara Atomizer (Sai Wax Atomizer).

Available Coil Types:

  1. Twisted Kanthal Coil / Quartz Rod (0.25ohm)
  2. Clapton Kanthal Coil / Quartz Rod (0.65ohm)
  3. Nickel Coil / Quartz Rod (0.35ohm)
  4. Stainless Steel Coil / Quartz Rod (0.8ohm)
  5. Twisted Kanthal Coil / Black Ceramic Rod (0.25ohm)
  6. Titanium Coil Wire / Quartz Rod (0.8ohm)
  7. Miracle Coil A / Ceramic (0.5ohm)
  8. Miracle Coil B / Ceramic (0.5ohm)
  9. Titanium Dual Coil / Dual Quartz Rod

What You Get:

  • 1x Replacement Saionara Atomizer Coil Head Heating Element

*Saionara Atomizer Sold Separately


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