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Fidget Cubes - Original Stress Relief Gadget (11 colors)

By: SpinnerGang

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What is a Fidget Cube?

Fidget Cube is an high-quality fidgeting gadget designed to help you relax and focus. It has six sides. Each side features something to fidget with: Click. Glide. Flip. Breathe. Roll. Spin which makes Fidget Cube the best fidget gadgets for people with Autism or ADHD and adults with fidgeting and anxiety problems.

When people use Fidget Cubes:

  • While in class listening to a lecture or studying
  • At your desk while working
  • In your car while waiting for a light, dreadful traffic or to destress from being cut off! (Haha!)
  • Doing laundry or waiting for your meal to be done
  • If you are becoming anxious
  • When people are stimming
  • Before, during and after nervous ticks

What people are saying about Fidget Cubes:

  • Persons who likes to fidget to relieve anxiety and stress
  • Persons with AUTISM / ADHD
  • Persons with sensory special needs

*While we strongly believe in the many benefits of fidgeting, we aren't claiming to cure any illness or condition. Fidget Cube is a fun, unique way to help with your fidgeting.


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