Mr. Waxpen Atomizer for Wax/Dabs/Concentrates

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We are happy to offer the award winning Mr. Waxpen as a complete atomizer without the kit. What makes this atomizer so great is it's large bowl area allowing you to fill at least a half gram of material or more. The diagonal rim design allows for more of a natural flow of concentrates directly to the heating coil element. All of these features together help give your coil a long-lasting life by keeping them wet and avoiding dry-burns or overheating. Stop getting your hands sticky while trying to re-pack your vape pen in the most inconvenient situations. Simply fill your Mr. Waxpen atomizer and go about your day, it holds a bunch!

Designed for use with legal herbal wax extracts, including the crumbly and shattering type concentrate materials.


  • Biggest Bowl - Fits 0.5 or more of material.
  • Directional flow design for long lasting coils and huge hits.
  • Each hand-made glass face is unique.
  • Coil Resistance: 2.5 (-/+ 0.2) ohm

Tips for Use:

  • For Wax: We recommend removing the screen by unscrewing the rim. This preinstalled screen is optional. Use at lower volts/temps when using the screen.
  • For Herbs: Some users report vapor without combustion when used with a screen. Use at lower volts/temps when using the screen.

What You Get:

  • 1x complete Mr. Waxpen atomizer
    (Base+Coil, Rim, Cover, Drip Tip)