WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Mr. Waxpen Atomizer Coil and Base
Mr. Waxpen Atomizer Coil and Base

Order now, pay later with zero interest using Sezzle

Order now, pay later with zero interest using Sezzle

Mr. Waxpen Atomizer Coil and Base

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Mr. Waxpen replacement atomizer coil and base with optional removable screen.

What You Get:

  • 1x Mr. Waxpen coil, base and bowl  / 2.5 (-/+ 0.2) ohm resistance

*It works better without the screen. Unscrew the bowl well to remove it.

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Chris B.

Mr Waxpen atomizer coil & base

They do not work as well as the original. Can't turn heat up. They shut off. Don't get hot enough. Disapointed

Leslie W.

Great product!

Great product!

taylor h.

Oil waster

Cannot get my pen to hit more 3-4 times off a sizable chunk that in my non portable rig at home I would get around 12-15 hits. Great for portability but in my experience it's 10x as harsh and about5x as wasteful if you need to go portable with medical oils just stick to a nice chillum and buds!


great pen!

I've tried many and this is the best so far!

christine b.

Mr wax man Coil


Matthew J.

liked enjoyed then disappointed

When i first got the Mr.wax pen it worked grate.. but then the connection between the battery an atomizer glitched... talked to venny he thought it was atomizer i buy a new one an nothing.. ive reported this n never got a replacement.. i gave up although i did like it in the begining..

Deborah W.

That's Mr. Waxpen to you...

Well they say it's "The Best Damn Dab Pen". Mighty strong statement there, so lets see how it holds up! got the package, opened it up and first see Jeff's card. Nice touch of class there and it tells me this order was personally attended to an I'm going to be enjoying the rest of whatever is inside this box, which is all correct. At Microsoft they call it "OOBE" for "Out Of Box Experience" and this is really important as it sets the stage for everything else. Now, I'm getting into the packing and I find not only the promised pen & accessories, but a nice starter carrying case that wasn't mentioned in the E literature. I'm taking apart the bowl for inspection and see what at first blush looks like an anemic little coil in a largish ceramic bowl. I'm not impressed, but when I fire the battery (which comes fully or nearly fully charged) I notice that little sucker gets orange hot right straight off the bat. Hmm... So it gets loaded with some nice Blue Dream Shatter- and I shit you not- this pen will take your head right off! Since it gets really hot right away there is less waste because there isn't time for liquidated concentrate to drip away from the coil. Also, the cup is nice and large so it is easy to use a tool to get at this lost material down there. It also cleans quickly and thoroughly and I notice it stays cleaner longer than any other pen I have tried (likely due to the high current battery heating the coil so fast, and I've gone through several hundred dollars worth of them. The battery has variable voltage so you can optimize it for everything from making hot air through a screen (supplied) for vaping flowers to medium heat for light shatter up to high heat for dealing with waxy crumble. The one caveat is that it is not very discreet- so if you need to be way down low this might not be for you, but for general use This Reviewer finds that it does in fact live up to it's billing as the Best Damn Wax Pen ever.