MDE Present's How to BOMB the U.S. Gov't (2nd edition preorder)

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Second edition printing has shipped and we have a few extra copies available!

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"What's up YouTube. Sam here™." Big shout-out to VAPES for handling the first print run with such a high customer satisfaction rate, and filling so many lungs with such bubbly, juicy clouds.

This next print run will be a similar deal, with only minor changes and a different color cover.


Notes for 2nd printing:
  • No pages have been removed :)
  • Slightly smaller size for readability. Final size TBD (still T H I C C) :-P
  • "Rainbow" cover, final colors will vary. Would like to do metallic ink but that may not be possible with the intricacy of the design.
  • Page edges gilded silver (cost permitting, still waiting to hear back on this one). *** was just told by the printer that they only do page gilding in China. Our book can't be printed in China, due to "anti-Chinese sentiment", so we can't do gilded edges on the pages. Cucked again.
  • Matte-coated page stock as opposed to un-coated, for darker blacks.
  • Higher price... you thought I'd just try to slip that one by didja? It's a huge book unfortunately... it's wicked expensive to print man, sorry. Even with the jacked-up price we're still not making what most people make on books. The economy, tanka gas, yadda yadda, you understand.


That about sums it up. This will probably be the last print run for *years* so let's get those orders rolling in. It's an awesome piece and my personal favorite but running a micro-publishing company is time-consuming and we gotta keep it rolling here. Printing begins at the end of this pre-order (same as last time) so please allow 2-3 months for delivery >:-O  - Sam Hyde


Other Stuff:

  • 4+ years in the making, yours now for an insanely low price-per-page (PPP).
  • Paperback, black & white, limited colorway (almost 4 pounds)
  • By Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort, Charls "Coors" Carroll, et al.
  • Designed by The Royal Studio in Portugal (



*Important Note: This Is A Preorder! Shipping Later*

The book is currently being printed by the same company that handled many high-end art books for PictureBox ( We have gone to great lengths to ensure that this will be a Quality Object™ and not Shit®, however the estimated ship date (to us) will be in a couple months. Please sit tight because we are working at light speed, literally faster than any other human could.

If we sell more than 3000 copies, that means another print run, so there will be another delay and we might pick different colors for the cover. 


Adding this book to your cart disqualifies your order for the free shipping option.


***Shipping to US only! - Int'l shipping solution TBA... sit tight there, Iraq and Afghanistan, we'll get you straight.

VAPES.COM DISCLAIMER: This is an art/comedy book. Please don't be mad or scared, however you can be offended, it's ok. Order now!


***Stay tuned to twitter for updates and more info:***