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MDE Present's How to BOMB the U.S. Gov't (preorder) (744 HIGH-IMPACT PAGES)

By: Million Dollar Extreme

  • 3499

$34.99999 + shippin’ (USA only, international go here)

  • The Million Dollar Extreme book, 4+ years in the making, yours now for an insanely low price-per-page (PPP).
  • Paperback, black & white, rubberized matte cover (like a condom), limited colorway (almost 4 pounds)
  • By Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort, Charls "Coors" Carroll, et al.
  • Designed by The Royal Studio in Portugal (



*Important Note: This Is A Preorder!* *Ships out mid/late-December.*

The book is currently being printed by the same company that handled many high-end art books for PictureBox ( We have gone to great lengths to ensure that this will be a Quality Object™ and not Shit®, however the estimated ship date (to us) for the first 3000 copies is December 15th, meaning it is possible you will not get your copy b4 Xmas. Please sit tight because we are working at light speed, literally faster than any other human could.

If we sell more than 3000 copies, that means another print run, so there will be another delay and we might pick different colors for the cover.


**US only! Go here for MDE int'l orders!**

***Stay tuned to twitter for updates and more info:***


VAPES.COM DISCLAIMER: This is an art/comedy book. Please don't be mad or offended. Order now!


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