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Max Atomizer for Herb/Wax (Dual Coil, Ceramic or Spiral)

By: Max Vape

  • 1999

The Max atomizer is an interchangeable atomizer with three different coils which you can use for waxy concentrates, and flower and herbs. If you are tired of re-packing smaller atomizers that give very little vapor hits, then this is the atomizer for you. Score HUGE hits with the dual coil option when used with waxy concentrates while the spiral coils is popular for herb and flower. Just select which style of coil you would like to purchase. Additional replacement coil styles are also available.

Use with legal herbs and extracts only!

For Wax/Dabs concentrate extracts use a dual coil wick 0r dual coil ceramic.

For Herb/Flower use spiral pancake coil. There will be smoke/combustion this is not a true vapor herb attachment.


  • Fits an all standard vape pens and mods.
  • You can swap out the coils for different styles of coils.
  • Get HUGE hits!


  • 510 Threaded
  • Interchangeable Atomizer Coil Heads
  • Recommended: 5W - 10W or 3V - 5V

What You Get:

  • 1x Max Atomizer w/ pre-installed coil

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