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GV Quartz Dual Coil Replacement Coils (10 pack)

By: GV

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Get huge clean hits that are full of flavor with GV dual quartz replacement coils. You get five replacement coils. Compatible with all GV atomizers, tanks and globes. These are the best GV coils, seriously.

Compatibility Notes:

  • GV Glass Globe - Airflow is decreased with quartz coil.
  • GV Wax Tube*** - Actually increased airflow with quartz coil. Seems solid.
  • GV Double Bubble - Decreased airflow with quartz coil.
  • GV Tea Pot - Airflow is the same. But the teapot already have restricted airflow due to the spout.
  • G23 - Decreased airflow with the quartz coil.
  • GV-N Bubbler - Slight decrease in airflow however not enough it won't work. That is gonna depend on the hole on the glass piece itself more than the coil.
  • The GV Dual Coil Quartz Kit atomizer base has more airflow than regular GV Glass Glove atomizer.

Main Benefits:

  • Dual Coil Power for HUGE Hits
  • Wickless Quartz
  • No Burnt Wicks
  • No Burnt Taste

What You Get:

  • 5x 10x GV Quartz Dual Coils

*Atomizer Tank and Globe Sold Separately.

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