Gray Li-ion 18650-CH Battery (2-pack)

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Your battery is indeed the lifeline of your vape because without it, your vaping device won’t operate. In this light, you should ensure that your battery is powerful and durable enough to last through the day. There are numerous batteries out there but you must be careful in choosing the best to get the value for your money.

The 18650 3.7V Panasonic Hybrid IMR CGR18650CH rechargeable battery is one of the ideal products for your vaping needs. It is designed for high current application (maximum 10A) which is more than what you need to run practically almost any high discharge current electronic device such as your vape mod. This high capacity battery (2250mAh) can give longer time than other standard IMR batteries in the market today.

If you’re searching for high drain IMR 18650 batteries, this is the perfect choice. You can use it on your vape mods and personal vaporizers too. For $12.49, you can get two packs of battery cells for your needs. Use one while the other piece charges. Now, that’s what you call convenience!

Specifications of the 18650 CH Battery include the following:

- Diameter: 18.0 +/-0.5mm
- Height: 65.0+/-0.5mm
- Nominal voltage 3.7V
- Lowest permitted discharge voltage 2.5V
- Cycle life: 500 cycles
- Max. charging rate: 2.15 Amps
- Max. discharge: 10A
- High current rated
- Does not short circuit

2 Pack including Plastic Case.

18650 3.7V Panasonic Hybrid IMR CGR18650CH rechargeable battery.