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Airistech V6 / G21 Dry Herb Vertical Coil Atomizer

By: Airistech

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The G21 / Airistech V6 dry herb atomizer coil is similar to the G20 but has a vertical heating element, long neck and cap.

This atomizer also has a screen above the coil head and is compatible with:

  • Micro Duffy
  • Micro G Pen (Gpen)
  • Elips / Elipse
  • Dripstick
  • Elips
  • E-Paradise
  • AS-I  /  AS-1
  • Cloud Vape
  • Sutra Pen
  • Dab Master 710
  • Power Pen
  • Pulsar Ninja
  • Perfection Pen
  • Kandy Pen
  • and many more!

What you get:

  • 1x G21 Herb/Wax Atomizer Coil w/ Spring Cover


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