GS Sole / Elips E-Liquid + Oil Vape Pen Kit

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The Elips vape pen is popular for use with oil extracts and concentrates but is designs to also handle e-liquids. The Elips is super slim unit that is a popular vaporizer pen among both avid and newer vapers.

To turn the unit on, quickly press the LED button 5+ times until the light flashes. You can vape for 10 seconds before the LED flashes and battery will go into pause mode. This is twice as long of vaping time you would get from EGO and other vape pens.

When the battery is low on the Elipse, (below 3.7v) the LED light will flash 15 times to indicate that you need to recharge. When charging the the battery, the indicator light will be red, this light will turn green after the battery is fully charged. This unit also has overcharge protection to prevent damage to the unit.

If the atomizer short circuits or becomes defective, the LED will flash 4 times.

  • 360mah rechargeable battery unit
  • Each charge lasts around 350 vape hits
  • Resistance of atomizer heating coil is around 2.5-2.9Ω
  • Charging time is 1-2 hours
  • Voltage is 3.7 - 4.2v

NOTE: Wait 45 minutes after filling before use. To help prevent you from burning out your atomizer, make sure the wick or feed is fully soaked. Never dry-burn an atomizer/cartomizer.