EGO Lanyard Necklace (fits ego battery)

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Several times a day I would leave my vaporizer in another room, on the kitchen counter, in my car, in my bedroom, or somewhere else and every time I would have to run around the house to find it. Not only that but I often lose VAPES when I go out.

Well this handy lanyard solves that problem because now my vape is always close by when I need it.

Sure I admit this thing can look goofy, but I am a proud vaporizer so I do not mind wearing this outside the house, this really helps me not lose things.

But just wearing the lanyard while at home has saved me at least 5 minutes a day that I would otherwise spend searching for it.

Protect your vape and keep it close, get a lanyard. They're cheaper than a new vape!

Fits all EGO style batteries and more! Now you can quit losing so many vapes when you keep your vape close to your heart.

Main Benefits:

  • You won't lose your vape!
  • It won't get scratched in your pocket!
  • It looks cool and matches your outfit!