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Captain Kava Dabs (Kava Kava Wax Concentrate)

By: Captain Amsterdam

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Captain Kava Dabs' Kava Kava wax concentrates are the first of its kind! This Supercritical Co2 Kava Kava Root extract has a sedating and calming effect allowing you to relax yet maintain mental clarity. The Kava is a mood enhancer that has been known to reduce anxiety while promoting overall wellness and happiness. Captain Kava Dabs are 84% PURE kavalactones, the active ingredient in kava. A little dab will do ya!

Captain Kava is made from superior lateral kava roots hand picked from a private Fiji farm. The root is processed using traditional methods and quickly packed to maintain freshness. The end result is a truly astounding honey golden wax-like consistency that outperforms anything you've seen in the industry to date. Made from the highest quality Kava Kava in the on the market. Unparalleled ultra-high potency for experienced users only.

Ingredients: 80% Kavalactones

What You Get:

  • 3 Grams of Kava Wax Concentrate

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