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FDA Vaping Regulation - E-Cig Prohibition

Despite UK Public Health England's study finding e-cig vapor products 95% less harmful than cigarettes, the FDA is still decimating the vapor industry within the United States.

The has FDA published their deeming regulations which will wipe out the entire vaping industry as we know it regardless of what you use your vape for.

Non-nicotine e-liquids and vape pens including herbal vaporizers are also at risk of being regulated out of existence. These products can be perceived as tobacco products even if you do not use them with nicotine or tobacco.

99% of the vapor products out today will disappear off the market and reappear on the black-market making it a crime to manufacturer, sell or purchase.

The FDA is taking away all of our vapor products by creating regulatory processes that the small businesses who have created and innovated this industry can not afford. These heavy burdens and restrictions enforced by the FDA will monopolize the industry by handing it over to big tobacco, the same people responsible for countless health related illnesses and death, the same people we as vapers have been trying to escape from.

Big tobacco, anti-tobacco and healthcare all profit off the declining health of smokers. Your state also receives tobacco tax credits off cigarette sales which they are not receiving due to a decline in new smokers and increase of ex-smokers switching to vaping.


E-cigs save lives!

  • Join the fight and save vapor products from over-regulation.


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    • We support and donate to SFATA, CASAA, #NotBlowingSmoke and IVRM


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    PS: CASAA, SFATA, AEMSA, AVA and NBS have formally announced their coalition to pursue legal and legislative strategies now that the FDA’s final deeming regulations have been released. The coalition will continue working to determine the correct litigation strategy and legislative actions. We will be informing the vapor industry and community of next steps, deadlines, PR objectives, and grassroots efforts. Organizations interested in participating should contact coalition partners.

    Please feel free to contact any of the organizations listed above for more details.


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