WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Pod vapes kits are small, easy-to-use low-power cartridge pod mod vaping devices that utilize replacement carts and refillable pods. Pod vapes are ultra-compact simple vapes with an intuitive design for a more natural mouth-lung-vaping experience.

Pod devices are similar to all-in-one vape kits  but optimized for high nicotine e-juicenicotine salts and thick oil extracts and concentrates. Unlike more powerful vape mods or tanks geared towards massive cloud production, pod vapes are intended for for maximum efficiency.

Pod vapes are an excellent option for any smoker trying to switch.

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  • Eleaf iCare Starter Kit All-in-One E-Liquid Vape Mod (650mAh)
    Eleaf iCare Starter Kit All-in-One E-Liquid Vape Mod (650mAh)
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