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E-Juice and E-Liquid are vape juice flavors to refill your vape pen, tank, pod or cartridge. Shop e-liquid flavors from premium brands and value vape juice with hundreds of options to choose from including popular flavorsunflavorednicotine-freevitamin e-liquidsvape juice with nicotine, and stronger nicotine salts in stock on sale now.

E-liquid may contain vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), natural and/or artificial flavors, vitamins, and/or nicotine. E-liquids made with more VG will produce thicker denser vapor clouds. E-liquids using more PG produce less vapor but provide more sensation on inhale giving a feeling known as "throat hit" that is more similar to smoking. Nicotine can be harmful or even fatal if swallowed. Keep e-liquids and vapes away from children and pets. For adults only.

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