Why Is My Delta-8 Disposable Not Charging?

Imagine coming home after work, anticipating to take a huge hit off your Delta-8 disposable vape, only to find out that it is not charged and would no longer charge – despite almost having a full chamber of cannabis oil in it. Isn’t that one of the worst feelings?

Well, because Delta-8 disposables are electronic devices, there is a possibility of breaking down due to low quality or improper use. It’s a good thing there are ways to prevent that from happening, which allows you to enjoy every last drop of Delta-8 on your disposable device.

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This article will be your guide to determine why your Delta-8 disposable is not charging and how you can avoid having that problem in the future.

Key Takeaways

  • A Delta-8 disposable vape is an electronic device or vape pen that contains Delta-8 THC, which you can consume right out of its packaging.
  • Your Delta-8 disposable might not be working because of a faulty charger, a detached connection plate, a dead battery, problems with the e-liquid, or a damaged device.
  • The common ways to fix a disposable battery that is not charging are to restart the device, charge it longer, or switch out the charger.
  • Learning how to use your disposable device properly can prevent malfunctions with charging and battery.
  • Make sure you purchase high-quality Delta-8 Disposables to avoid these problems.

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What Are Delta-8 Disposables

Delta-8 disposables are variants of vape cartridges that contain Delta-8 THC. Unlike vape cartridges that require you to buy a separate vape pen or battery to use the device, Delta-8 disposable vapes come with everything you need so you can vape the device right out of its packaging. When the Delta-8 liquid runs out, you can dispose of the device and purchase a new one.

Disposable vapes have similar mechanisms to vape pens. It has a chamber where the Delta-8 THC is stored, a heating mechanism​​ to produce vapor, and a battery to power the device – making it an all-in-one vaping device that is convenient for cannabis users.

You can get these devices in local dispensaries and online, and they come in various flavors and cannabinoid content.

Why Does My Delta-8 Disposable Not Work?

Before attempting to fix your Delta-8 disposable that is not working, you might want to determine why it isn’t working in the first place. There could be many reasons for experiencing issues, such as your device not charging, and here are some of them:

Faulty Charger

Depending on the brand of your Delta-8 disposable, the quality of the charger it comes with might not be of high quality. Having a faulty charger might be the reason your device is not charging. To find out if that is the case, try a different charger with a USB-C or micro-USB connection.

Detached Connection Plate

Any charger you use will not work if a connection plate is damaged. If you have soldering iron experience, you can easily fix this issue. However, if you are not experienced with fixing electronics, it is better to ask for help from people who know better.

Sometimes, you don’t even need to solder anything to fix this issue. Check if there is any visible damage in the connection plate to see if this is causing your disposable device not to charge.

Dead Battery

If your device has a faulty battery due to low quality and lack of quality assurance checks before rolling out products, you can contact the manufacturer and maybe ask for a replacement. Dead batteries can also be caused by oil leaks from the chamber which affects the electronics.

E-Liquid Problem

In some cases, low levels of e-liquid can cause your device to malfunction. It might be clogged which you can easily fix by pulling on the disposable device without firing.

Damaged Delta-8 Disposable

If your Delta-8 disposable has physical damage due to misuse and improper storage, it might be the reason it ceases charging or working.

Why Is My Delta-8 Disposable Not Charging?

Your Delta-8 may not be charging because you are using a faulty charger or have faulty connections. It could also sometimes happen because of a damaged battery or device, which can be caused by improper use.

But don’t worry. Before asking for a replacement or thinking it’s the end of the world, there might be some steps you can take to fix this problem.

How To Fix Disposable Battery

Sometimes, damages to the battery are beyond repair, but here are some helpful steps that might help fix your disposable battery:

Restarting Your Device

Most electronic devices can be fixed by restarting, and even if you call the manufacturer, they will probably suggest restarting your device as well. Turn off your device and wait 10 seconds before restarting to ensure that it is rebooted.

Try To Charge It Longer

Undercalculating the charging time for a Delta-8 disposable is common for vape users. Make sure you follow the exact instructions written on the box or manual to ensure that it is fully charged.

Fixing The Connection Plate

If the connection plate is the issue, you can try using a paper clip to pull the connection plate on your device so it can reach the charging pins. But if the issue is caused by damaged connection plates that need soldering, we suggest asking someone with more knowledge in fixing electronics.

Use A Different Charger

If the charger the device came with is faulty, you can try swapping it with a different charger.

Heat The Liquid

If the issue is not caused by electronics, it could be caused by the Delta-8 e-liquid clogging the air holes. To fix this, you can try pulling hard without firing or heating the chamber using a blower. Do not use a lighter directly on the oil chamber because it can damage your device.

Contact The Manufacturer

If the issue is caused by a faulty device, you can try calling the manufacturer and get a replacement. However, if it is caused by improper use, the manufacturer might not be at fault.

How To Properly Use A Delta-8 Vape Pen

To avoid having these problems in the future, here are some tips on how to use your disposable device properly:

Assess Your Hardware

Before using your device, try to read the manual provided to learn how to activate, use, and charge the device properly.

Make Sure It’s Charged And Connected

Make sure you do the recommended initial charge and that the charger is connected properly.

Activate The Battery

Make sure you activate the battery before using the device. Most devices need to be pressed 5 consecutive times to activate it.

Activate The Coil

Some devices only work if you activate the coil. Although some are activated through inhalation, some options have a button to activate the coil as you inhale. Again, check the manual to ensure you are using your device properly.


Make sure you put your mouth on the tip of the device to inhale properly. If it is not working, try pulling harder for 3 to 5 seconds to ensure it works.

Store Upright

When the device is not in use, make sure you store it upright to ensure that the oil goes down to the coil and won’t clog any air holes.

Recharge Or Replace

When you feel that the vape is no longer working, the battery levels are most likely low. Make sure you keep it charged before storage so that the battery remains intact for your next usage. If it stops working, maybe it’s time to replace the device.

For more tips on how to fix your Delta-8 disposable that isn’t working, you can watch this video.

Final Thoughts

Delta-8 disposables are convenient devices for getting high anytime and anywhere. However, if you want your disposables to last, you must practice proper usage and make sure you get them from brands you can trust.

Delta-8 Disposables: Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Recharge A Disposable Vape?

It depends on the brand. Some disposables can be charged, while some come with a full battery that doesn’t need to be charged throughout its usage. 

How Do You Know When A Disposable Vape Is Charged?

There is usually a light that indicates if the disposable vape is fully charged.

How Do You Charge A Disposable Dead Vape?

Just plug in the charger and make sure that the indicator is lit up to know if it’s charging.

Why Is My Disposable Vape Pen Blinking?

Your disposable pen may be blinking because the battery level is low.

Is Delta-8 Disposable Strong?

Delta-8, compared to HHC vapes, is stronger because it is a more potent cannabinoid with euphoric effects and full-body highs.

Are Delta-8 Disposable Vapes Good?

Yes, Delta-8 disposable vapes are good because they can get you high anytime and anywhere, right out of the box.

How Much Does A Delta-8 Disposable Cost?

Delta-8 disposables can cost anywhere from $24 to $50 depending on the brand, quality, and amount in grams.

Can You Buy Delta-8 Disposable?

Yes, you can buy Delta-8 disposables if they are legal in your state or hemp-derived, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, which legalizes hemp products, including hemp-derived Delta-8. However, we only recommend buying these products from brands you can trust.

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