What is Live Resin Vape?

One of the newest concentrates around the hemp space is live resin. This product has been fairly popular with psychoactive compounds like Delta-8 THC or HHC, thanks to its high quality. Thanks to its extraction process, it can have a much better vapor than regular distillate.

If you want to know more about live resin and what is live resin vape, you are in the right place. In the following article, you’ll find insights into what this concentrate is, how it works, and the difference between this concentrate and regular vaping pens.

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Key Takeaways

  • Live resin is a concentrate made with freshly frozen buds and then processed with a solvent to create a high-quality product.
  • Live resin vaping devices use this concentrate to create a higher-end experience with flavorful terpene blends.
  • When comparing distillate and live resin vape pens, the latter has better quality smoke and more flavor than regular ones. They also give off vapor that’s more tolerable than joints or dabbing.
  • Vaping live resin can usually make you feel relaxed, depending on the cannabinoids in its formula. HHC live resin products will make you feel relaxed with a body and head high.

What Is Live Resin?

Before moving on to a live resin vape, we’ll first break down the actual concentrate. So, what is live resin?

Live resin is a high-quality extract usually made from hemp or cannabis. The main difference between any distillate and live resin is the extraction process in which the plant is turned into resin and, second, the “live” part.

What makes live resin “alive” is the status of the plant when its extracted. Unlike other concentrates that wait for the flower to be curated and dried, live products usually freeze the plant right after harvest and use it in this state.

This way, terpenes, flavonoids, and, most importantly, cannabinoids are fresh in the extraction process, and you can actually have a taste of the different terpenes. This results in a high-end product with live flowers and live resin production,  which uses a non-butane solvent to create a full-spectrum extract.

What Does Live Resin Mean In Vapes?

So, what does it mean if a vape has live resin? It is actually a way of saying that the vaping pen you are getting contains live resin as the concentrate you are going to smoke. Usually, live resin is of higher quality than other extracts, especially in taste and potency.

Most of the time, live resin from different cannabinoids can also be mixed. That results in vape pens with a different formula, which can have HHC, Delta-8 THC, terpenes, and other compounds that are naturally part of the plant.

So, as a quick rundown, live resin usually means a high-end vaping experience and generally a good time. We’ll go further in-depth into how live resin makes you feel in the next section, but for now, know you are getting into one of the best ways to enjoy cannabinoids.

How Does Vaping Live Resin Make You Feel?

Live resin can make you feel relaxed, depending on the cannabinoid used. HHC live resin can make you feel a mental high that slowly turns into a body high, depending on the terpenes used.

Other cannabinoids like THC-O can be slightly psychedelic and pretty strong, while other variations of HHC, like HHC-O can also be pretty strong while being hemp-derived. It all comes down to the cannabinoids in the live resin formula, terpenes, and extraction quality.

In general, live resin is easier to smoke than other distillates. First, since it turns into vapor in lower temperatures, the actual experience is less harsh on the throat than with other concentrates, like shatter.

Does Live Resin Get You Higher?

Yes, in a way, it can get you higher than pure isolate or simple butane-based distillate.

This happens all thanks to the entourage effect. When cannabinoids, terpenes, and other products get together, they can work in synergy to create a stronger onset called the entourage effect.

Since terpenes and other cannabinoids are present in high-quality full-spectrum extracts like live resin, in comparison to isolates or butane-based distillates, it can get you higher. Live resin also has a better quality, which results in more cannabinoids in the end product when compared to regular butane-hash oils.

Live Resin Vape vs. Regular: What’s the Difference?

The difference between the two vapes comes down to what kind of concentrate the two vapes have. Live resin vapes tend to have better quality overall, with better-tasting terpenes and vapor. This is due to the “live” part of live resin and its overall better quality when compared to regular vapes.

So overall, live resin vapes are higher-end products than regular vaping devices. Even if the devices are similar, you can feel the difference when trying live resin from the first touch.

Since some distillates can also take a lot to evaporate, using live resin can let you have smooth tokes without relying on a special device or vaporizer.

Are Live Resin Vapes Better Than Regular?

In most cases, live resin vapes are much better than regular distillate-filled vapes. They have better flavor and require less heat to produce vapor, meaning you can get more tokes without burning the terpenes or flavor or using up your battery.

While some distillates are also very good, live resin allows you to taste the terpenes and flavor without burning them. This also lets you experiment with different-tasting vapes without relying on additional flavoring, which can be harmful depending on how you smoke it.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Live Resin Vapes?

Trying this kind of vaping pen can be a much softer experience than getting a full-on dab or getting harsh smoke from having a toke on an infused joint.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the potential benefits of using live resin vapes.

  • It’s an easy way to toke on the go. Vapes can be an easy way to have tokes without getting second looks, as vapor usually dissipates within seconds.
  • It can get you softer tokes than a joint or blunt. Using both a vaping device and live resin can make the vapor much softer on your throat than in actual smoke.
  • Live resin vapes have more flavor than regular distillates. Since the process keeps the terpenes fresh in the extraction process, you’ll get more flavor without any additives.
  • Depending on the cannabinoid, it can make you feel relaxed. Thanks to the mix of terpenes, flavonoids, and the cannabinoid you want, it can make you feel calm.
  • You can get a stronger high or general onset without having to get edibles. Edibles can be too potent for a long time, so having a way to get over the effects in a few hours can be helpful.

What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Live Resin Vapes?

Now, while live resin vapes are generally safe to use, there are certain side effects that can happen to people sensitive to certain cannabinoids or simply have a really big dose.

Let’s quickly go over some of the potential side effects.

  • They can be dehydrating. It is essential you stay hydrated even if the smoke is not as harsh as with joints.
  • Live resin vapes can have unknown ingredients. Some dispensaries are not transparent about what they put as they are not regulated, so make sure to check their ingredient list first.
  • It can have solvent residues. While rare, it can have butane hash or other solvents as residue since it is part of the extraction process.
  • Live resin vapes can make you feel dizzy. If you take too big of a rip or have too many tokes on the go, this could also happen.

Remember that depending on the cannabinoids in the live resin formula, it can also have a higher risk of feeling anxious or hungry, especially psychoactive compounds like Delta-8 THC, HHC, THC-O, or Delta-9 THC.

That said, this is rare with vaping, as you can usually take a few tokes first to set your resistance and stop when needed.

Are Live Resin Vapes Safe?

Yes, generally speaking, live resin vapes are safe to use. We always recommend checking if the product you are looking at has third-party lab results to ensure you are getting only high-quality products.

It is also important to always start with small doses, even if you plan on vaping non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Always stay hydrated and have a light meal before trying any cannabinoid-based product, and it is not advised to take rips as if it was a regular vape.

This is due to how it can clog the vaping pen and make your pen malfunction in the long term or cause leakages. While these are not dangerous, it is also important to take maintenance into consideration when using vape pens.

Are Live Resin Vapes Legal?

Yes, at least at the federal level, and as long as the cannabinoids in the live resin are hemp-derived. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp-derived products can be produced and bought if they contain less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC per dry weight, at least federally speaking.

Now, each state has laws and regulations regarding hemp, especially Delta-8 THC and CBD products. Check your state regulations before looking at live resin vaping devices, as they can’t be limited depending on age or cannabinoids inside them. You can check your state status over here.

Where To Buy Live Resin Disposable Vapes Online

Having reviewed all the basics on live resin and what live resin is in a vape, you might want to try some delicious tokes yourself. Here are some of our picks for the best live resin disposable vapes online.

The THCa + Delta-9p 2G Pre-Heat Disposable from Blackcraft Extrax offers a unique vaping experience. It features a blend of Delta-8 THC, Delta-9P THC, THCa, and live resin. This disposable vape comes in three flavors: Devil’s Lettuce (fresh pine, woody aroma), Higher Spirit (tropical mango, bright grapefruit), and Nocturnal (sweet blueberry). It’s designed for convenience with a rechargeable, non-refillable 2g capacity. Suitable for users seeking a potent and diverse cannabinoid experience, it emphasizes safety and quality in its hemp-derived products.

The Charged Tokyo Diesel Drift Live Resin Disposable Vape by Mellow Fellow is an excellent choice for those seeking an energizing and uplifting vaping experience. This live resin vape combines THCv, H4CBD, CBG, and HHC to deliver a potent and invigorating buzz. Its unique Diesel Drift strain is known for its sweet, fruity flavors blended with earthy diesel aromas, providing a distinctive taste and aroma.

If you’re exploring live resin disposable vapes and have a penchant for unique flavors, the Blueberry Faygo Sativa 4g Live Resin THC-P Vape-Pen from Delta Munchies could be your next favorite. This product stands out with its blend of Blueberry Haze and Blue Dream, promising an energizing experience. Its sweet candy and berry flavors are designed to provide long-lasting euphoria. The pen contains a potent mix of real live resin, THC-P, and Delta 8 THC, with 5000 draws per pen.

Final Thoughts

As a final rundown, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of what we talked about in this article. First, we looked into actual live resin and how it uses freshly harvested flowers and buds instead of aging ones.

We also explored the difference between live resin vapes and regular distillate vapes and how they can provide a top-shelf experience. This happens because the live resin can keep a better flavor thanks to its extraction process and give a full-spectrum experience by using all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds that come naturally in hemp.

Live resin vapes are generally easy and safe to use; just make sure they are legal in your state and that they use hemp-derived cannabinoids only. Lastly, remember always to have small tokes to understand your resistance, even if the live resin vape has no psychoactive cannabinoids.

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