What is Dab Weed?

With the rise of hemp after 2018, more ways of enjoying CBD have resurfaced back from the old cannabis traditions. One of the classic ways of using cannabinoids while getting a very potent hit are dab weeds. But as more new users enter the hemp space, people tend to ask questions like what is dab weed, and how do they work?

CBD dabs can be a pretty quick way to get the effects and potential benefits of Cannabidiol with less smoke and a quicker onset than edibles or tinctures. Because of the nature of this type of extraction, we have gathered some of the most important insights if you want to delve into the world of dabs and extracts.

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Key Takeaways

  • Dabbing is the experience of inhaling hemp-derived concentrates after exposing them to really high temperatures.
  • Most extracts come from using hemp and processing it, either mechanically or through chemicals.
  • CBD dabs are generally safe, but they can still have a few side effects, like nausea or coughing if the person is sensitive to smoke or CBD.
  • While you can make homemade dabs out of kief or hemp, since the products require solvents and might become a safety hazard, it is always recommended to buy from reputable dispensaries.
  • One of our best choices to start into the world of dabbing is the wax from CBDFx, with 300mg of CBD per gram and about 20 servings in a single jar.

What Exactly Is Dab Weed?

So, to understand what is a dab weed, you have to know about hemp-derived extracts. Basically, dabbing is inhaling vaporized concentrates through a device or pipe, whether it’s a glass one like a dab rig or an electronic one like a vaporizer or e-rig.

Now, the main difference between using a dab of weed or hemp and other products is basically how the smoke is created. In the case of dabs, it needs pretty high temperatures to burn away the terpenes and cannabinoids and create a thinner vapor.

Because of this, high-heating tools are used for dabs, like butane torches or even electronic dab rigs that can help you heat through an electronic device. These are called e-nails, and they are part of the many gadgets used for dabbing since using the right temperature is key to getting the full onset.

Now, since we are talking about CBD dabs, these are generally not psychoactive. That said, they can still lay out Cannabidiol and terpene’s effects very strongly due to the concentration of these compounds in the extract.

Where Do Dabs Come From and How Are They Made?

Dabs come in many shapes and forms, some made from isolate CBD while others using terpenes and other combos. You can dab budder, shatter, wax, resin, live resin, rosin, and even hash oil, which all come from using hemp and then using different processes.

The name and potency of the different concentrates all depend on the texture, like shatter, which has a glass-like shape, or crumble, which feels like a mix of cookie leftovers and sand. Others, like live resin, involve different processes, like using frozen buds and then using a high-quality solvent to extract the CBD trichomes.

Some concentrates use a chemical solvent to extract all the cannabinoids from the plants, and one of the most common is by using butane. Others use mechanical ways to extract the plan, like freezing the concentrate. Usually, products like resin have a more artisanal process, and the price point of this type of product reflects it.

These extracts all come from the hemp plant, which is first grown and harvested. Some extracts require the plan to be cured first, while others freeze them to use them fresh later on. Because of how complex these products are, it is very difficult to create them without special equipment and labs and without having high-quality chemicals and safety protocols to ensure all of the products have the best quality.

Can You Make Your Own Dabs From Resin?

While, in theory, you can make your own dabs from resin, it is highly recommended you only buy from reputable dispensaries at first. This is because the most common method to create extracts and dabs involves flammable solvents, like butane.

Because it takes special equipment and safety protocols to use solvents and butane due to how risky they are, dispensaries have special labs that have all the precautions to create high-quality products without risking your health.

This is verified by the third-party lab reports as these report all the substances found, hence proving if the product you are getting has any solvent left or is in some way dangerous. So because of the possible dangers of using solvents and the general making process, we strongly advise not to try this at home.

Can You Make Your Own Dabs Out of Kief?

Technically, yes, you could make your own dabs out of kief. However, things can get a little complicated if you plan on dabbing your homemade products, as the golden hemp powder can be ground or milled too heavily, which results in impure products.

Now, typically you can dab kief products in other forms, like kief oil, solid hash, or even moonrocks, which all use this powder and other oils or solvents to create this product. At home, this can get difficult since you first need to have a grinder that has a collection chamber.

Once you’ve collected enough kief, it is recommended that you only have the purest powder possible. This means no extra bits or ground-up pieces that might have slipped your grinder’s mesh. The other thing to look out for is that your kief should be a light tan or blonde color.

With this, you are making sure you are dabbing trichome heads or crystals and not organic matter. Getting kief of this quality is pretty hard, so unless you have the utmost care and professional equipment, it is very likely that if you try to smoke that powder, you’ll get a burnt aftertaste and almost no effects.

What Are the Best Ways to Smoke Dabs?

Some of the most common questions we’ve faced during the article include “What is a dab of weed?”, “What is dabbing?” and even “How can I start dabbing?”. While we’ve tackled the first two, there are plenty of ways of actually smoking CBD dabs. From using a standard dab rig to an electric one, using the T-wax method, or infusing your weed, dabbing can be pretty versatile. Let’s take a look.

Standard Dab Rig

The first way to dab is by using a regular dab rig. Basically, this glass device uses a similar mechanism to bongs or water pipes, the main differences being how sturdy they are and the chamber used. Regular bongs use a herb chamber, while dab rigs use a much heftier bowl that can withstand the high temperatures needed to evaporate the extracts.

Electric Dab Rig

An electric dab rig uses the same principles as its analog counterpart, the difference being the way it heats the concentrates. While regular dab rigs need a torch or device to heat up, electric dab rigs use a digital heating element to elevate the temperature and evaporate the concentrates. Some also have different perks here and there, like airflow control, app connectivity, and large internal batteries to toke on the go.

T-Wax (Rolled in a Joint)

Now, if you want to get the best of both worlds, you can also use the T-wax method. This method basically uses wax or semi-solid concentrates and sprinkles it inside a cone or paper before rolling it. This is arguably one of the easiest ways to use wax or crumble without a device, but it can get a little sticky.

Sprinkle on Weed in a Bong

If you already have a functioning bong but don’t want to spend more than your new CBD dab, you can also crumble some of it and infuse your current herb in your chamber. By doing this, the hemp flower will boost its effects thanks to the concentrates used.

Hot Knives

Lastly, there’s an emergency method to use concentrates. You can heat up a knife on the stove and then put a small dab on it, then quickly inhale it. This, however, is fairly dangerous due to metal heating up and becoming a fire hazard. Also, there are a lot of extracts lost due to how concentrates evaporate very quickly, which is why the nail used on dab rigs tends to have a shape allowing for the smoke to circle around.

Can Smoking Dabs Make You Sick?

Smoking dabs do not necessarily make you sick; however, there are a few unwanted side effects from smoking dabs due to their potency. Since you are getting a much higher dose in a single hit, dabbing can make you feel slightly dizzy or nauseous.

If this happens, it is best that you stop dabbing and take a breath of fresh air. Generally, since CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, this can happen to people that are sensitive to this compound.

Other side effects also include coughing or getting drowsy. Because of this, it is key to never dab if you plan on doing activities that require dexterity. You can also prevent some of these side effects by having water nearby and always dabbing responsibly, even if CBD dabs are not psychoactive and cannot get you high.

If you are worried about the smoke, however, you can always try a dab rig or bubbler that can help you cool down the vapor whenever you take a pull. This helps with less irritation down your throat and lungs, plus it helps you taste the terpene profile better.

What Are the Benefits of Dabbing Weed?

Now that we have the question “What is dabbing?” out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you would choose to dab instead of smoking herbs or simply vaping. While it takes a little while to get used to handling extracts, it can be a pretty potent experience without having to smoke too much. Let’s take a look.

Potential Benefits

  • Stronger onset with less smoke: You can get the effects of weed and CBD without having to rely on too many prerolls.
  • Easier to clean pipes: Since extracts and dabs practically turn into vapor when heated, there are barely any burned bits like with herbs.
  • Better taste: Some nugs can lose flavor after a while, so using an extract with all the terpenes intact can let you taste the terpene combo better.
  • Little to no weed smell: Since weed dabs usually do not leave any kind of organic matter or flavonoids, the vapor tends not to have any specific smell.

That said, CBD dabs are a good option for people with chronic ailments that need quick relief and don’t want to rely on edibles. This is one of the main reasons why you would choose one over the other, as it generally takes anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour to get the effects through a gummy.

On the other hand, using dabs can get you a similar potency with almost immediate effects. Dabbing usually gets the effect going almost immediately and up to 3-5 minutes. That said, since the vapor is much thinner than smoke, users usually get results pretty quickly.

Dabs or Flower: Which Is Healthier?

Yes, in general, dabbing can be healthier than flowers or somewhat considered the lesser of two evils. Dabs do not damage the lungs or irritate your throat as much as regular smoke, and the potency can be helpful to consume less smoke while getting all the effects.

You can also cook with certain dabs or extracts, which is an easy way to also use this product without having to invest or use a bubbler or pipe. Most juices or crumble substances can be added to the fatty parts of a pastry, sweet, or recipe to create your own edibles at home.

This is a healthy option in case you don’t want to smoke and you want to get creative or mix up your CBD intake. Alternatively, you could switch to tinctures or gel caps for a non-smoking experience.

Is Dabbing Dangerous?

Generally speaking, dabbing does have some risks that you should take into account before buying some shatter or crumble. Firstly is that it requires lots of heat, which is usually done through a butane torch.

Now, casual users might feel intimidated, as torches can be difficult to use at first, especially if you have not tried one before. This can be easily fixed while also preventing fire hazards if you use an e-nail or electric dab rig.

An e-nail is an electric gadget that you can add to your bong, pipe, or dab rig, which will heat the extract for you through electricity. By using this, you can adjust the temperature to the right setting without getting near the heat source. E-nails also tend to have a sturdy exterior, ready to be taken apart and cleaned after each use.

Alternatively, you can use an electric dab rig. These are devices that also use an electric heating element but have lots of other perks you can use. Some also have temperature adjustments, what kind of vapor you want, or even connect to your smartphone to customize your dabbing experience. All of this while skipping the butane torch.

Now besides that, making dabs at home can also get dangerous due to the solvents used in the mix. Because of this, we do not recommend making your own dabs at home but instead buying from reputable vendors and brands.

Best CBD Dab Weed

Having covered “What is a Dab?” and  “What is dabbing weed like?” you might be curious about buying some CBD extracts to try. Well, the CBDFx CBD Wax – Concentrated Dabs is the perfect way to start your journey into the world of hemp concentrates.

First, let’s talk about the folks at CBDFx. This amazing dispensary has consistently created innovative hemp products, from tinctures, gel caps, and dog treats, to incredible top-quality dabs and extracts that comply with all the regulations while bringing the best extraction quality and taste.

Their CBD Wax is the perfect alternative if you want a high-quality dabbing experience. This small-yet-powerful extract comes in a single-gram jar, with each pack having 300mg of full-spectrum cannabidiol. This might seem like too little, but a single rice grain-sized pellet of this wax will be more than enough to get over 4 hours of effects.

It is actually recommended that you use a toothpick or specialized tool to get your desired amount, and each jar has roughly 20 servings. Made from organically grown hemp plants, this dab is the best way to delve into the world of dabbing.

Dabbing Weed: FAQs

What is dabbing vs smoking?

Dabbing involves vaporizing a concentrated form of cannabis known as "dabs" or "wax," whereas smoking typically involves combusting the dried flower buds of the cannabis plant.

What is the point of dabbing?

The primary point of dabbing is to achieve a more potent and immediate effect compared to traditional smoking methods, as dabs contain higher levels of THC.

Is dabbing the same as vaping weed?

While both dabbing and vaping involve vaporizing substances, dabbing specifically refers to vaporizing cannabis concentrates, whereas vaping weed can refer to vaporizing either concentrates or dried flower buds.

Final Thoughts

Dabbing can be a pretty quick way to experience delicious-tasting extracts while getting instant relief. Throughout this article, we’ve explored questions like “What is a dab weed?”, “Where can I smoke dabs?”, “Or how does dab work?” while also checking out a few benefits of dabbing versus smoking.

We also checked out some of the reasons why dabbing could be the lesser of two evils, by having stronger potency and aiding with a strong onset without having to rely on edibles. It is important you only buy from safe dispensaries and brands and avoid making dabs at home, as it uses several products that require special equipment.

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