Pulsar APX V3 Review

If you are in the market for a new dry herb vaporizer, then you are in the right place. Today, we want to take a look at what is effectively one of the best dry herb vaporizers that your money can buy. Even better is the fact that you don’t actually need to spend that much money to buy it in the first place. The product we’re here to talk about is the APX V3 Vaporizer.

Pulsar is, of course, a very popular brand name in the hemp and cannabis accessories industry, and they haven’t failed to produce a super high-quality and functional product here. Although it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, it functions and looks like it would cost that much.

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We personally are pleasantly impressed by the overall style, quality, functionality, and convenience level of the APX V3 Vaporizer. Today, we are here to do an APX V3 Vaporizer to figure out exactly what it is, how it works, and what all of its main features are. Let’s get to it and determine whether or not this is the right kind of drug or vaporizer for you. 

What is a Pulsar APX 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer?

As the name implies, the APX V3 Vaporizer is just a very simple dry herb vaporizer. It has a chamber that you place your favorite dried herb into, which is then heated up using a ceramic heating element, thus producing vapor that you can then inhale.

It’s a great alternative to smoking because it still allows you to enjoy all of your favorite dried herb strains without having to combust them. You still get the great flavor of your favorite strains without having to inhale harsh smoke.

How Does the APX 3 Work?

The APX V3 Vaporizer is very simple. It has a ceramic heating chamber as well as a heating element that causes the chamber to get so hot that it causes the cannabinoids contained within your favorite herbs to vaporize into the air.

Instead of combusting using an open flame, these vaporizers just use hot air to activate and release the cannabinoids into the chamber. 

You simply put your favorite herb of choice into the heating chamber, turn the unit on, let it heat up, and take a drag from the mouthpiece. It really doesn’t get much easier than that.

Pulsar APX V3 Vaporizer Review

Pulsar APX Wax V3 Portable Concentrate Vaporizer

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Now that we know the basics about the Pulsar APX V3 Vaporizer, let’s take a more in-depth look at it to see what it has in store for you.

About the Brand

Pulsar is known as one of the biggest and best brands leading the charge in terms of high-quality smoking and vaporizing accessories. This brand is led by a team of cannabis experts, technology gurus, and by many other industry professionals.

They have come together to create some of the best hemp and cannabis consumption products on the market. The number one goal here is to provide cannabis users everywhere with the best possible products regardless of cost.

Pulsar has an absolutely massive lineup of products, all related to hemp and cannabis accessories, and they’re always innovating to make these products better than ever before. 

What is surprising is that many of the products from this brand, such as the APX V3 Vaporizer, don’t cost an arm and a leg, in spite of their high-quality designs and functionality.


People should like the design of this dry herb vaporizer, as it weighs just a couple of ounces and comes in at 4 inches long. It is one of the smallest, lightest, and most compact dry herb vaporizers out there. It’s so small that if you put it in your pocket, you might just forget that it’s there in the first place.

Furthermore, the overall design of this unit is just very convenient and functional. It has a curved mouthpiece to make it comfortable to pull on, a shape that is ergonomic and comfortable to hold, and a design that actually looks quite nice too. We also like that it’s small because it allows for discreteness.

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, the APX V3 Vaporizer really couldn’t be any easier. You literally just place your herb inside of it, turn it on, press the button, and take a hit. There are no special skills required to use this dry herb vaporizer.


This dry herb vaporizer comes in a variety of colors or styles. These include Black, Emerald, Wood Grain, Psychedelic Desert, Melting Mushroom, Zion Lion, Cold Silver, and more.

Temperature Settings

The APX V3 Vaporizer allows you to choose between five different temperature settings ranging from 356 degrees Fahrenheit up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Personally, we think this is perfectly fine. 

That temperature range should be more than good enough for most people to vaporize their dry herbs with great results. 

That said, we might like to see the ability to choose precise temperatures, especially on the higher end of that spectrum. 428 degrees isn’t all that high, and some people may like to go higher.


This dry herb vaporizer features a ceramic heating element, a high-quality plastic body, and quality interior components as well. It should be more than durable enough to handle a couple of bumps, but we do recommend being cautious with it.


This vaporizer is not overly difficult to clean. You just have to clean the heating chamber using the appropriate tools. That said, unfortunately, the mouthpiece cannot be removed for easy cleaning.

Vapor Quality

For the relatively low price that this unit comes in at, the vapor quality is quite high. Now, the temperature might not go quite as high as some people might like, but other than that, there’s really nothing to complain about. If you want an affordable vaporizer that is discreet and portable, it’s a good one to consider.

Main Features & Benefits

Let’s just do a quick summary of the main features and benefits that the APX V3 Vaporizer comes with.

  • There are five preset temperatures to choose from, ranging from 356 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit uses convection heating along with a ceramic heating element to produce very fast, even, and consistent heating. It should only take a few seconds for this unit to get up to temperature.
  • There is a silicone cooling system included here that ensures that the vaporizer itself doesn’t get far too hot.
  • You might also really like the enhanced LED display that shows you how much battery life the unit has left and what temperature you have it set to.
  • Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects here is the 1600 mAh battery. For the record, that’s a bigger battery than some vaporizers, twice or three times the price. It should last for around 2 hours of continuous use, which is about as impressive as can be expected considering the low price.

  •       Lightweight and portable
  •       Discreet
  •       High-quality build
  •       Affordable price
  •       Decent vapor quality
  •       Excellent battery life
  •       Easy to adjust


  •       The temperature range could go a little higher

Pulsar APX3 Overall Impressions

Our overall impression of the APX V3 Vaporizer is that it is a very high-quality driver vaporizer, especially considering the low price tag it comes in at. 

At a sub-$100 price, you get a dry herb vaporizer that can fit around half a gram per chamber, lasts for two hours of continuous use, and should be able to survive a drop or two. 

The design of this vaporizer is small and compact, plus very ergonomic as well. It’s comfortable to hold, easy to transport, and fits comfortably in your mouth as well. For that price, you really can’t ask for anymore.

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