Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Reviews

As we journey through the expansive universe of top-tier vapes, the world of Delta-8 vapes is definitely one you should be intrigued by. Amid the labyrinth of hemp-based offerings, one brand caught our eye—Mellow Fellow, a forerunner in the Delta-8 and broader hemp cannabinoid arena. Naturally, we felt compelled to delve into their Delta-8 product line.

In this in-depth Mellow Fellow Delta-8 review, we’ll dissect their two distinct offerings—cartridges and disposable vape pens. You’ll discover the nuances between the two, explore the flavor kaleidoscope they offer, understand their functionalities, and, most crucially, decide if they’re worthy of your vape repertoire. So fasten your seatbelts; our exploratory mission into the heart of Mellow Fellow’s Delta-8 universe is just taking off. We’ve got a lot to unpack, so let’s dive right in.

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Key Takeaways

  • Mellow Fellow has two types of vapes: disposable devices and 510-thread compatible cartridges.
  • The Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Disposable Weed Vape uses a sleek black design with two different toking methods, USB-C charging, and adjustable airflow.
  • The disposable weed vape line by Mellow Fellow comes in three strain-inspired flavors, including Pink Rozay, Durban Poison, and Double Dream.
  • If you want to try the cart line, expect a simple yet durable design with no copper or lead, a sturdy borosilicate tank, and a ceramic coil and mouthpiece.
  • Overall, choose the disposable vape device if you want to experiment with airflow and different temp settings, or try the cart line to get consistent draws with different flavors.
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Last update was on: July 4, 2024 3:40 pm

What Is a Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Disposable Weed Vape?

Let’s start by defining what a Mellow Fellow Delta-8 vape is. To put it simply, a weed vape refers to a disposable device that holds Delta-8 distillate. This device can be used to heat the concentrate and get tokes on the go.

Now, Delta-8 THC is the primary component of this type of formula. Think of it as the younger sibling of Delta-9 THC: it has a more “cerebral buzz” with about half of the typical potency you’d get from weed. Even so, Delta-8 THC is considered psychoactive, with different properties, including potential feelings of relaxation, uplifting, and euphoria.

Mellow Fellow has become an innovative brand in the Delta-8 game. With different types of formulas and products, they’ve created their own world in the cannabis scene with all kinds of vape devices, from single auto-pull devices with strain-flavored Delta-8 vapes to high-tech, multiple cannabinoid gadgets for the knowledgeable cannaseur.

To sum it up, this brand has a little bit of everything for all types of users, whether you want to try Delta-8 for the first time or want to upgrade your toking game with one of their complex blends.

How Do Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Disposables Work?

Before we dive into how the Mellow Fellow Delta-8 disposable devices work, let’s make a quick distinction between vape pens and carts. Both of these types of products work with the same concept: you have a distillate-filled chamber that heats up with a power source, which turns the formula inside into vapor that you can inhale and enjoy.

Now, what is the main difference between a cart and a disposable? To put it simply, a cart uses an external power source (a battery), while the disposable is an all-in-one product. While a cartridge can let you customize your experience depending on the type of device you want by changing the wattage, temperature, or airflow, most disposables are simpler.

That said, Mellow Fellow actually has many types of devices. Some of their more complex blends have devices with an auto heat function without needing to push with a 4ml chamber, like their Introverted Live Resin line.

Overall, these devices vary greatly from brand to brand, and Mellow Fellow Delta-8 vape pens are definitely quality. The vape pens we are reviewing next use auto-draw technology with USB-C charging, incredible airflow, and a sleek design. But more on that in the next section.

Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Reviews

Let’s start this Mellow Fellow Delta-8 review with what kind of products we’ll check today. While we’ve talked about this brand’s vapes in general, in this next section, we took a closer look at their Delta-8 vape line, which is known for its high-quality devices, strain-specific flavors, and top-shelf distillate with patent-pending extraction technology.

Below, you’ll find the best products of their disposable vape line with only this cannabinoid, which is perfect for new users, people who want a strain-specific alternative, or simply if you are curious to know why these are some of the best newcomer hemp pens right now.

Mellow Fellow Dali's Dream Blend 2ml Disposable Vape MK Ultra

Last update was on: July 4, 2024 3:40 pm

About the Brand

Before we dive into our full-on Mellow Fellow Delta-8 review, let’s talk about the brand first. This family-run business originally started as a trio that wanted to create safe and reliable cannabis products. With the knowledge and expertise of a Ph.D. chemist, an out-of-the-box pharmacist, and a cannabis entrepreneur, they started creating Delta-8 THC concentrate-based products that slowly turned into a cozy, inviting, but also creative brand for everyone to enjoy.

Now, the chemical and manufacturing part of Mellow Fellow is handled by Arvida Labs. They create unique, patent-pending concoctions that started with high-quality Delta-8 distillate and have moved into more innovative formulas, from mixing D10 and THCv, to newer cannabinoids like HHC.

This power couple has created product lines for all types of users. From their single-gram cartridges of Delta-8 at an incredibly accessible price with strain-specific terpenes to mood-focused blends with avant-garde devices and cannabinoids, such as THCb, THCp, or THCh, that provide an experience. In this line, they have blends like their creativity line, which uses the best of HHC, Delta-8, Delta-10, and even a CBD and CBG combos.


The Mellow Fellow Delta-8 disposable is truly the perfect starter weed vape. With 2ml of premium, hemp-derived distillate that’s pharmacist formulated, and a device with ceramic coil, USB-C charging port, two types of draw, and adjustable airflow control, think of it as a VIP pass into the cannabis scene.

This line of disposable currently has 3 different flavors available, based on some of the classic weed strains and flavors: Double Dream for a hybrid-like experience, Pink Rozay for indica with a relaxing high, and Durban Poison for the sativa and energy-boosting tokes.

Now, their carts use the same delicious distillate but in a more compact version. Each cart comes with a full gram of distillate, a ceramic heating element, a high-grade Japanese cotton wick, a nickel and chromium conduction wire, and a heavy-duty borosilicate tank, which makes this cart very durable with consistent hits even to the last hit.

Disposable Delta-8 Line Feature

  • 2ml of premium, strain-specific distillate
  • Two temp settings available, with 25W and 35W
  • USB-C charging port with rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable airflow

Cart Delta-8 Line Features

  • 6 terpene-filled, strain-specific flavors
  • Durable, no lead or copper body
  • 1ml of tasty, high-quality distillate with zero heavy metals or cutting agents
  • Lab tested and pharmacist formulated concentrate

Mellow Fellow Euphoria Blend 2ml Live Resin Disposable Vape Strawberry Amnesia

Last update was on: July 4, 2024 3:40 pm


While the Mellow Fellow Delta-8’s devices might seem simple at first, they truly bring a VIP-like experience to the cannabis world. With a sleek dark metal body, adjustable airflow, a button, and auto-draw methods for toking, this vape pen can give you a customizable experience for you to figure out your preferred way to smoke.

The cart line has a ceramic heating element, a simple yet functional design that will fit a 510-thread battery or heating device. Their classic design brings all the stylish but also functional parts to the game, with a borosilicate tank that will last and a ceramic mouthpiece that won’t burn your lips whenever you toke.

Ease of Use

Thanks to its design, you’ll love taking tokes from the Delta-8 Mellow Fellow disposables. The vape is fully charged and ready to use from the get-go, which makes using it a breeze. You can start by using their auto draw function to get a sample of the flavors you are getting or try for a stronger hit with the included vape button. And don’t worry about losing battery mid-way, as the USB-C charging can get your pen back to life in very little time.

Now, the cart line is as easy as it gets. It comes down to screwing the bottom part to the 510-thread battery, and you are good to go, with no hassle or mess involved.


The Mellow Fellow Delta vape might be one of our favorites so far, thanks to its two modes for hitting the vape. You can ensure a smooth hit every time with the adjustable airflow while getting more flavor with 25 watt-powered auto-draw or a stronger hit with its 35-watt with the included button. So don’t worry about having to choose flavor over potency, as you alternate between both.

The cart line also proved to have a top-notch performance. We didn’t get any clogging, and each toke is consistent, but make sure you are choosing the right temperature in your battery to get more flavors (lower temperatures) or a stronger buzz (higher temperatures).

Mellow Fellow flavors

The Mellow Fellow flavors are pretty diverse, so there’s something for all types of taste profiles. Currently, their disposable vape line has three flavors:

  • Double Dream, a delicious sugary sweet with raspberries and grape-like full body flavor.
  • Durban Poison, a citrusy and kushy taste that’s perfect for wake-and-bake.
  • Pink Rozay, a vibrant herbal, fruity, and floral taste perfect for unwinding.
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Last update was on: July 4, 2024 3:40 pm

Now, their cart line has six different strains to choose from, which might be more into your vibe if you like experimenting or get tired of a single flavor quickly. The Mellow Fellow flavors for their cart line are currently these:

  • Sour Diesel, known for its lemony sweet taste with gas-like and pungent notes.
  • Pineapple Express, a tropical fruit, mango, and pineapple notes mixed with a tasty earthy and skunky taste.
  • Blueberry OG, a strain with a berry, vanilla, and rich nutty-like taste.
  • Purple Punch, a decadent taste profile with lots of grape, blueberry, and vanilla notes.
  • Zkittlez, an ultra-fruity, full of sugary, tropical fruits and citrus notes.
  • Strawberry Cough, known for strawberry-like notes with a candy and earthy base.


The effects, in general, vary depending on the type of terpenes you choose. While Delta-8 vapes, in general, are referred by users to give a euphoric experience, mostly closer to a sativa strain, the terpenes added in each flavor can help you unwind or let you feel more energetic.

Some indica-inspired flavors from Mellow Fellow like Blueberry OG, Purple Punch, or Pink Rozay can be very relaxing and better to enjoy during relaxing times. Others like Pineapple Express, Durban Poison, or Strawberry Cough can make you feel a mood lift and might be better for daytime smoking. The hybrid flavors from Mellow Fellow are fairly potent as well and bring the best of both worlds, providing the perfect experience for social situations like parties or getovers.


Both Delta-8 vapes only contain this cannabinoid, making it a perfect blend whether you are new to the hemp or cannabis scene or want a milder buzz. These also are tested for Delta 9 THC traces through lab testing and are federally legal, containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC per dry weight.

Number of Puffs

The Mellow Fellow Delta-8 carts have 1ml of distillate, which rounds up to about 150 and 300 puffs, depending on your technique. The 2ml disposable vape line should have around 300 and 600 puffs, which might vary depending on if you use the higher temp setting, which might heat up more distillate than the auto-draw function.

Mellow Fellow Dali's Dream Blend 2ml Disposable Vape MK Ultra

Last update was on: July 4, 2024 3:40 pm

Disposable Delta-8 Line Pros and Cons


  • High-quality distillate with 2ml of distillate each
  • 3 delicious flavors inspired on different strains
  • Easy to use device with adjustable airflow
  • Disposable vape pen has two ways of toking


  • Flavors are limited to 3 options

Cart Delta-8 Line Pros and Cons


  • High-quality body with ceramic mouthpiece and coil
  • Sturdy borosilicate glass tank
  • 6 flavors with strain-specific terpenes available
  • No clogging and adaptable to 510-thread devices


  • Requires an extra investment on a battery or heating device

How to Use Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Disposable Vapes

Using the Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Disposable Vapes is very easy. Just take your vape pen out of its packing box, and decide what type of experience you want. For a flavor-oriented toke, just pull from the mouthpiece as the 25W auto-draw functions heat up the distillate and provide you with tasty vapor.

If you want a stronger high, try pulling while pressing the button instead for more potency. You can also adjust the airflow on the bottom part to allow for more or less air to pass, depending on how dense you want your smoke. And that’s it! Make sure to charge your disposable if you don’t see any vapor coming out from your vape, even with the button-pressing method.

Are Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Carts Any Good?

Yes, Mellow Fellow Delta-8 carts are very delicious! While they don’t have the high-tech of disposable devices, they offer a sturdy body and no clogging thanks to the ceramic mouthpiece and nickel coil. If you already have a battery or device that provides a custom vaping experience, you might be better off with their Delta-8 carts thanks to their flavor variety and consistent pulls.

However, if you don’t plan on changing flavors soon or want an all-in-one experience instead, the disposable vape line is the way to go. While the carts are ready to use, the vape pens can also provide two different temperature settings and airflow adjustments to personalize your experience, so unless you want to change flavors constantly or want to save up money by using carts, you are good to go with trying the pens.

Is Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Safe?

Yes, Mellow Fellow’s Delta-8 is completely safe to consume. Their formulas are all lab-tested and pharmacist-formulated, so rest assured your products will be safe from heavy metals, cutting agents, or unwanted cannabinoids.

Finding a brand that can ensure you are getting the right ingredients and is fully transparent about their process is always a green flag, especially with products like Delta-8, which require extra testing to make sure they are Delta 9 THC-free.

Overall Impressions of Mellow Fellow Delta Vapes

The Mellow Fellow Delta vapes are simply the premium way to start your way into Delta-8. With a high-tech, highly customizable device, delicious tasting 2ml of distillate, and several flavors to choose from, including the tasty berry-flavored Double Dream, the citrusy and pungent Durban Poison, or the vibrant, floral, and herbal-heavy Pink Rozay, you’ll get a very enjoyable high with each of them.

If you want more strains to choose from, their Vape Cartridges with 1ml are also pretty affordable and offer a solid experience while also providing six different strains to choose from. With a sturdy body, no burning lips, and heavy-duty borosilicate glass, their carts are also a very solid option.

Lastly, you can also check any other of their vape lines, including their Introvert vape line, which has other cannabinoids like THCp, a bigger chamber with 4ml of distillate, and even a different type of heavy-duty device. So make sure to check around their online store for other blends and edibles as well.

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