Live Resin Carts vs Normal Carts

Vaping has emerged as a modern and accessible method for achieving a desired high without the fuss of grinding herbs or assembling a dab setup. All you need is a compact gadget that slides effortlessly into your pocket.

The cartridges for these devices come pre-loaded with cannabis oil, making it crucial to understand the type of concentrate you’re inhaling. This knowledge is especially important for those who wish to attain a specific level of high without crossing their personal limits.

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While vaping cannabis isn’t a novel concept, live resin cartridges are generating considerable buzz in the industry (pun fully intended). If you’ve ever encountered live resin cartridges during your online shopping spree or while visiting your neighborhood cannabis dispensary and wondered what the hype is about, you’ve landed on the right page.

In this feature, we delve deeply into the world of live resin cartridges, equipping you with the information you need to decide between traditional cartridges and their live resin counterparts.

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Article Highlights:

  • A critical distinction between live resin and traditional cannabis oil lies in the method of extraction employed.
  • Live resin cartridges vary from traditional cartridges in aspects such as composition, potency, taste, and cost.
  • In a standard vape cartridge, either cannabis or hemp-derived THC oil is stored in a glass chamber, which includes a heating element that needs an external battery to activate.
  • Vape cartridges offer a contemporary method for cannabis consumption, providing an easy and discreet way to achieve a high wherever you are.
  • Currently, two types of vape cartridges are gaining traction: live resin and traditional cartridges.


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What Are Live Resin Carts?

Live resin cartridges encapsulate live resin concentrates that are extracted from either cannabis or hemp plants. This specialized extraction technique involves freezing the freshly cut plants immediately to preserve a spectrum of compounds that are inherently present in the plant.

This frozen material is then processed using solvents such as butane or ethanol, resulting in the extraction of live resin. This substance is subsequently loaded into cartridges for consumer use. Due to the specialized equipment and expertise needed, producing live resin at home is practically impossible.

Though both cannabis and hemp plants can serve as the source for live resin extraction, manufacturers commonly lean towards hemp due to its broader legal acceptance across many states and at the federal level.

Besides cartridges, live resin also comes in the form of disposable vape devices. These are particularly convenient as they feature an integrated battery, making them ready for immediate use straight from the packaging.


Live Resin Carts Benefits

Choosing live resin cartridges comes with several notable advantages over other types of concentrate, such as distillate. Here’s why many users opt for live resin cartridges:

Robust Flavor Profile

Unquestionably, live resin cartridges offer a flavor richness that is unparalleled. The heightened levels of terpenes contribute to their robust aroma and taste, setting them apart from other concentrate options available in the market.

Elevated Terpene Levels

The unique extraction technique used for live resin results in cartridges with an elevated terpene concentration, enhancing the overall effects and user experience.

Amplified Entourage Effect

The presence of a broader range of cannabinoids and terpenes creates a synergistic phenomenon known as the entourage effect. While some hemp-derived cartridges with cannabinoids and terpenes can also achieve this, live resin cartridges do so with a higher intensity.

Denser Vape Clouds

For those who take pleasure in generating thick vapor clouds, live resin cartridges have you covered. Their thicker oil composition, enriched with more cannabis compounds like terpenes, ensures a more substantial puff and an ultimately more satisfying cloud production.


What Are Normal Hemp Carts?

Standard hemp cartridges typically feature cannabinoids that are extracted from hemp plants. Structurally, these cartridges are similar to their live resin counterparts; however, the distinction is in the content they house.

While they may not pack the same potency punch as live resin cartridges, it would be incorrect to assume that standard hemp cartridges lack advantages. These cartridges can be enriched with terpenes and other cannabinoids, generating a substantial psychoactive experience. This makes them a legal pathway to achieve a high in many jurisdictions where cannabis restrictions are in place.


Advantages of Normal Carts

As mentioned, normal carts might not be as potent as some live resin carts – but they still have advantages that can attract any cannabis enthusiast, such as:



Normal hemp carts are legal in most states because of the 2018 Farm Bill, which separates and defines cannabis from hemp. This law states that all products made from hemp are now legal at a federal level, and these include alternate psychoactive hemp cannabinoids like Delta-9, Delta-8, Delta-10, CBD, HHC, and many more.

If hemp products are legal in your area, you can purchase products like our live resin disposables and have them delivered straight to you. The legalization of hemp products made it hassle-free to get high in most states.

Health Benefits

Although more research is needed to prove the therapeutic benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids in normal vapes, anecdotal evidence from user reports states that these cannabinoids may provide pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.


Without the smell of cannabis, normal carts and vapes containing distillate are a more discreet option to smoke, especially if you want to get high in a public place without anyone knowing. For example, if you get stuck at a place you don’t want to go to in the first place, you can make things more interesting by consuming normal carts.

Ease Of Use

Normal carts contain thinner liquid, which is easier to vape at low voltages. Plus, these cartridges can cause less coughing after every hit, especially if you’re a beginner. Although some pens and batteries work for most types of carts are compatible with most battery options.


Normal hemp carts might have a weaker terpene profile compared to live resin carts, but they do come in a variety of different strains, strengths, and flavors.


One of the biggest advantages of regular hemp carts is the price. These carts are a lot cheaper than live resin carts.



What’s The Difference Between Live Resin Carts And Regular Carts?


In contrasting live resin cartridges with standard ones, the core differences lie in the type of compounds they contain and the methods used for extraction. Standard carts generally house distilled cannabis oil, which primarily consists of THC and lacks other aromatic and flavorful compounds like terpenes. Live resin carts, however, offer a complex chemical profile that includes not only cannabinoids but also an array of terpenes and flavonoids, delivering a richer and more nuanced vaping experience.


Are Live Resin Carts Stronger Than Normal?

Live resin carts generally pack a more potent punch compared to standard cartridges. While some standard carts can be potent due to high THC levels, live resin carts also contain a wider range of terpenes and cannabinoids that contribute to the “entourage effect,” which enhances the psychoactive experience, sometimes making even hemp-derived options feel stronger than they actually are.


Is Live Resin Solvent Free?

Creating live resin involves solvents like butane and ethanol to facilitate extraction. Nevertheless, the end-product you receive is free from any solvent residues, making it a safe option for users. It’s crucial, however, to opt for brands that adhere to rigorous safety protocols, given the relatively lax governmental oversight over cannabis-derived products.


Wrapping Up:

Both live resin and standard cartridges offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. The choice between the two will often hinge on personal factors such as user preference, budget, and legal restrictions. In the current legislative landscape of the United States, the good news is that both types of cartridges, especially those derived from hemp, are largely accessible.


Choosing Which Cart Is Best For You

Selecting an appropriate cartridge depends on multiple factors, such as your personal preference for potency, the legality of cannabis in your state, and your vaping experience. If you’re new to the world of cannabis vaping and reside in a state where recreational cannabis is still a legal gray area, a standard cart might be your safest bet. If you’re seeking a more potent, authentic experience, then live resin carts would likely be more suitable for you.


Live Resin Carts: Frequently Asked Questions

Do Live Resin Carts Smell Like Weed?

You may wonder if live resin carts emit a cannabis-like aroma. The answer is somewhat nuanced: while live resin does contain the terpenes that give cannabis its characteristic smell, the aroma when vaped is generally less potent than when the plant is combusted, thus offering a degree of discretion for public usage.

What Voltage For Live Resin Carts?

To operate live resin carts, you'll need an external battery. Some batteries allow voltage adjustments, typically ranging between 2.5 to 3.3 volts for optimal performance with live resin carts.

How Long Do Weed Carts Last?

On average, a 0.5-gram standard cart can deliver approximately 80 to 160 puffs, based on your vaping style. Live resin carts, containing denser oil, may yield even more puffs, potentially doubling this number.

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