Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape Review

The vaping world is a constantly moving target. So much so, it’s hard to keep up, let alone know whether what we desire is already superseded. Innovation is ceaseless, and with every passing week or month, the vaping ecosystem changes. 

With new variants, new iterations, new designs, new ergonomics, new flavour profiles, sacred and profane, good and bad – vape nirvana is even more ever-evolving. That’s not even accounting for cheap fakes, knock-offs or the underground production within the black-and-grey markets. I feel compelled to share the wisdom of the sage loudly and deliberately proclaim that there is no easy money to be made in the vaping world.

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Based on the positive user experiences and a lifetime of near-obsessive textual consumption.It’s a crowded space, one with moving and sometimes invisible tides – but ultimately, in any given light, there are sweet spots to be danced towards, sweet spots to simply rest in. Since our previous review of the alpha version (reviewed here), the designers of the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape have made a series of minor changes to the functionality of their steampunk-inspired vaping apparatus. 

They’ve dubbed this the Multiplex – but that’s hardly the most curious aspect of their new device. The most curious aspect of the Multiplex is the ‘mushroom’ element, what the designers of the new Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape allude to not only in the product’s name, but also in other ways.

I Unboxed the Exodus Amanita Multiplex: Here’s my Thoughts

And so as a kick off to our Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape review, we will look at the unboxing. The first thing that you’ll probably notice as you unbox an Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape is the tiny rectangular box with those highly appealing and glaring patterns. The packaging already shouts innovation, suggesting subtly what you will soon find out.

The vape itself is a window onto some vision of 21st-century design, but one that holds the promise of an activity beyond the humdrum of your usual vape session. There may be wider promises on the packaging, or warnings in fine print – red flags of a sort. All of this remains part of a mysterious front end of what it is you are purchasing. But perhaps the key things are behind this front end.

Let’s talk about Design and Build Quality

The Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape is a slick, black-bottomed rectangle with an understated mushroom motif – if you choose to interpret anything as a mushroom motif on this as-straight-as-they-come, multipurpose, minimalist ingestion duct. Practice mining for mushroom imagery in design, and you will continue to refine your technique to the point where you approach the obsessiveness of a marijuana grow-op proprietor peering out his mail-slot. A quality, solidly built piece, completely draw-activated, no buttons.

You’ll find the USB-C charging port at the bottom, perfect for plugging in the included charging cable. Despite its tiny stature, the Lucina is a powerhouse: inside this small cylinder, measuring just 2.8 inches wide (7.1 centimetres) and 4.5 inches long (11.4 centimetres), the Lucina claims to hold 2.2g of oil. Nobody is trying to sell you a pizza here. The device itself has no branding, fitting in with its ‘mushroom’ vibe.

But a product means more than mere construction; it’s an experience you buy into. So how does the Exodus Amanita stand up when using it?

My Vaping Experience with Exodus Amanita

Using the Exodus Amanita for vaping engages all your senses. It comes with a Strawberry Kiwi flavour. It has the sweetness of strawberry and the sourness of kiwi complementing each other – it’s a very balanced, satisfying and delicious flavour. The vapour is also pretty smooth – you can get good clouds but there is no harshness on the throat.

It’s so dark, almost reddish, and so thick that it can hardly be poured. All signs suggest HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol).

The experience of vaping is not just about the taste, though that is a huge factor; it’s about the texture of an inhalation, the throat hit, the mouth feel, and the sensory effects overall. A great vaping experience is not so much dependent on flavour as it is on taste and mouthfeel, and the ergonomics of the device. Here’s why:

User Interface and Functionality

Intended for ease-of-use, it’s draw-activated so there’s no point in having buttons. You can’t mess it up; doesn’t really need instructions. It’s ‘plug-and-play’, no learning curve or masters degree required … You pop it out of the box and bam! 

A USB-C charger is also built into the device, another modern inclusion. But for the most part, it’s straight forward. There aren’t any powers to adjust – the vape just works. And for some users, this is a primary concern. More experienced vapers and even those just getting started want a device that is hassle-free. Yet, there’s more than just the experience while you’re using it. That goes for anything. I’d hope so. This is the difference between vaping and smoking. Plus, how robust is the damn thing?

Battery Life and Overall Performance

Unfortunately, once again, the battery’s life isn’t specified and the USB-C charging port is the only way to top it up. It’s clearly designed with sustained use in mind, although you get no specification on things like auto shutoff or overcharge, and overall it’s a workmanlike design that’s focused on longevity rather than fancy flourishes. For a vaping session that lasts several hours, this is a great option. Which brings us, of course, to the all-important mushroom thing.

The Effects of the ‘Mushroom’ Aspect

The second new wrinkle offered by the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape was the ‘mushroom’ element: there were a few constituents of Amanita mushrooms added to the cannabinoids. The experience was euphoric and chilled at the same time, and while we didn’t experience psychedelia akin to a ‘trip’, we enjoyed ethereal high vibes.

It was quite different to the pure HHC high. The effects were intense but answered the prayers of the overworked: they lasted about two hours and were chilled and euphoric all at once. After we soared, what could we glean about the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape? What is this product’s value proposition?

Price Point, and is it a Value for the Money?

The Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape costs $34.99. This is an attractive price, especially considering how specialised it is in certain effects, the amanita aspect, and its design, which I find particularly interesting, such as the hardware design callback to the ‘magic’ (read: dangerous) mushroom, in addition to the approachable usability of it’s components and overall device.

It falls into the same general price range as most other similarly designed units on the market, but stands apart more from the dryly utilitarian vapes that eschew such architectural quirks in favour of uninspired functionality in the the same general footprint.

Overall, the cost is good enough to get by, especially as someone who places value in the aesthetically interesting nature of the unit.

My Final Thoughts on the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape

Oh, and the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape? That’s clearly one of a kind. This discreet, user-friendly vape device is billed as ‘inspired by the Amanita Mushroom’. It could seem like an unconventional way to vape cannabinoids, especially if one is concerned about safety (mixing cannabinoids with Amanita mushroom components doesn’t strike me as smart), and will probably give pause to many. But I bet quite a few find it appealing.

The pen is potent, with its effects lasting for a couple of hours. However, the unclear pricing and the lack of specific information about the safety features might turn away some customers.

So, to sum up, what does the Exodus Amanita Multiplex deliver? It’s a thoroughly enjoyable and reliable device that comes with its share of caveats – a vape for jagged and adventurous explorers (ahem).To conclude, point out the distinctiveness of the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape in the market and how it may strike a chord with some vapers. Invite readers to share their experience or thoughts.

Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape Different From Other Vapes on the Market?

The Exodus Amanita stands out for its unique 'mushroom' aspect, sleek design, and user-friendly, draw-activated interface, offering a distinct experience compared to traditional vapes.

Can You Use the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape Right Out of the Box?

Absolutely, the device is draw-activated and comes ready-to-use. There's no need for any initial setup or charging, making it convenient for immediate vaping.

Is the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, its draw-activated, button-free design makes it incredibly user-friendly and ideal for those who are new to vaping or prefer a hassle-free experience.

How Does the ‘Mushroom’ Aspect Influence the Vaping Experience?

The 'mushroom' element adds a unique sensory layer to the vaping experience, blending relaxation and euphoria with the typical effects of HHC, making it distinctively different.

Can You Adjust the Settings on the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape, or Is It Fixed?

The device operates on a fixed setting, emphasizing its straightforward, user-friendly design. There are no adjustable features like temperature control.

What Do Users Need to Know About Maintaining the Exodus Amanita Multiplex Vape?

For optimal performance, regular cleaning of the device and proper storage are essential. Following these maintenance steps will prolong its lifespan and effectiveness.


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