Dynavap Review

Dynavap is a brand synonymous with innovation and excellence in the vaporizer market. Their collection of vaporizers, famously known as “VapCaps”, stand out for their unique flame-based heating method, compact design, and excellent vapor quality.

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Overview of the Dynavap Brand

The "B" Vaporizer
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Dynavap’s tagline, “Battery Free. Flame Powered,” says it all. They’ve carved out a unique niche in a crowded marketplace by providing high-quality, flame-fueled vaporizers. Their mission is to deliver battery-free vaping devices that offer the perfect balance of simplicity, utility, and efficiency.

Dynavap Vaporizer Models

DynaVap M 2021

DynaVap The "M" Plus Vaporizer

as of September 12, 2023 5:23 pm

The DynaVap M 2021 blends functionality, sturdiness, and cost-effectiveness in a compact package. Crafted from medical-grade stainless steel, it’s both durable and easy to use. The redesigned tip features a serrated extraction chamber doubling as a grinder for even herb heating. The model offers an adjustable bowl size, ideal for micro-dosing. Its updated mouthpiece is comfortable, easy to rotate, and incorporates the signature VapCap for optimal temperature indication. A new chiral airport allows custom draw resistance, and the enhanced tactile grip adds to the aesthetic and handling of the hot device. It’s a top choice for any vaper seeking quality and versatility at a budget-friendly price point.

The “B” Vaporizer

The “B” Vaporizer is a DynaVap product that boasts a sleek, portable design. Crafted from borosilicate glass, this vaporizer allows users to see the vapor forming, offering a unique and visually satisfying vaping experience. It is designed to cool down the vapor before it reaches your lips, making for a smoother, more comfortable draw. Furthermore, the “B” Vaporizer comes with a Captive Cap, offering audible clicks when the vaporizer is heated to the right temperature. The device features a built-in 7-fin heat sink that aids in cooling the vapor. It’s compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates when used in conjunction with the DynaCoil. Its clear and compact form adds an extra layer of convenience, making it perfect for on-the-go use.


The Omni is DynaVap’s premium offering, showcasing their innovative technology through its advanced design and quality materials. Constructed from medical-grade titanium, the Omni is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and heats up quickly. Its unique feature is an adjustable airflow system that allows customization of the air/vapor mix, catering to individual vaping preferences. As with all DynaVap models, it utilizes the ‘cap’ system to indicate optimal vaping temperature, preventing combustion and preserving the taste and potency of your herbs. The Omni also features an adjustable bowl size for session flexibility, making it a top choice for beginners and seasoned vapers looking for an elevated experience.


The Vong, short for “Vaporizer Bong,” stands out in DynaVap’s line for its versatility, integrating seamlessly with 14mm glass pieces for water-cooled vapor. Crafted from medical-grade titanium and hardwood, the Vong offers a unique aesthetic and comfortable handling. Performance-wise, it uses the patented ‘cap’ system for consistent, high-quality vapor, an efficient titanium tip, and adjustable screen for varied loading capacities. Its key feature is compatibility with water tools, fitting snugly into a 14mm water pipe downstem, which cools and filters the vapor for a smoother experience. The Vong offers robust functionality and versatility for dry herb vaping and water-cooled vapor enthusiasts.

Performance and Vapor Quality

When it comes to performance, Dynavap vaporizers are tough to beat. Despite their flame-fueled heat source, they provide exceptionally quick heat-up times, often ready to vape in under 10 seconds.

The vapor quality is equally impressive, delivering clean, potent, and flavorful vapor. The adjustable airflow on some models allows you to fine-tune your experience, whether you prefer thick, intense vapor or a lighter, smoother draw.

How to Use the DynaVap

DynaVap’s vaporizers are unique in their heating method and usage. Unlike most vaporizers that rely on batteries and electronics, DynaVap products utilize an external heat source. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the DynaVap M:

1. Loading the Vaporizer:

  • Remove the metal cap, which is often referred to as the ‘VapCap’.
  • Grind your herb until it’s fine.
  • Fill the chamber, making sure not to pack it too densely.
  • Put the VapCap back on.

2. Heating:

  • Hold the vaporizer with the cap facing upwards.
  • Use a butane torch lighter to heat the VapCap, making sure to rotate the device for even heating.
  • Listen for the distinct “click” sound. This sound indicates that the vaporizer has reached its optimal temperature.

Note: Where you apply heat on the cap will determine the vaping temperature. Heating closer to the tip will produce a cooler vapor, while heating towards the base will produce a hotter vapor.

3. Taking a Draw:

  • Once you’ve heard the click, you can start taking a draw. You can adjust the airflow by covering or uncovering the airport, a small hole on the side of the device.

4. Cooling Down:

  • The device will click again after your draw to indicate that it has cooled down and is ready to be reheated.

5. Emptying & Cleaning:

  • When you’ve finished vaping, take off the cap.
  • Empty the chamber by blowing through the mouthpiece or use the built-in digger-outer tool.
  • For a more thorough clean, disassemble the device and clean the parts with isopropyl alcohol or warm soapy water. Ensure all the parts are completely dry before reassembling.


  • Always respect the click: Never continue heating after you hear the click as this could result in combustion.
  • Adjust the flame size: If you’re using a torch lighter, a smaller flame will offer more control over the heating process.
  • Experiment with techniques: The vapor’s quality and intensity can vary depending on different heating techniques. It’s worth taking the time to explore and find the technique that suits you best.

Ease of Use

While there may be a slight learning curve for beginners, using a Dynavap vaporizer is relatively straightforward. A distinctive ‘click’ sound lets you know when your device is ready to use, taking the guesswork out of heating. Plus, the absence of batteries or electronics means there’s little that can go wrong, enhancing the device’s longevity.


  • Flame-based heating provides quick and efficient heat-up time.
  • Excellent vapor quality with rich flavor and potency.
  • Durable and stylish designs.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.


  • Requires a separate heat source (lighter/torch).
  • Slight learning curve for beginners.
  • Some models can be relatively expensive.


What is Dynavap?

Dynavap is a renowned vaporizer brand known for its flame-fueled, battery-free vaporizers, often referred to as "VapCaps."

Are Dynavap vaporizers easy to use?

While there is a slight learning curve initially, Dynavap vaporizers are generally straightforward to use once you get the hang of them.

How does the Dynavap M 2021 differ from the Omni?

The M 2021 is Dynavap's entry-level model made from stainless steel, while the Omni is their premium offering with adjustable airflow and is constructed from medical-grade titanium.

Is a separate heat source required for Dynavap vaporizers?

Yes, Dynavap vaporizers require a separate heat source like a lighter or torch.

Do Dynavap vaporizers deliver good vapor quality?

Yes, Dynavap vaporizers are known for their excellent vapor quality, providing clean, potent, and flavorful vapor.


Overall, Dynavap has done a tremendous job creating a unique and efficient line of vaporizers. If you’re seeking a robust, battery-free vaping experience with exceptional performance, Dynavap’s offerings should be high on your list.

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