Does A Delta-8 Vape Smell Like Weed?

In most states, hemp-derived Delta-8 vapes are legal, thanks to the federal Farm Bill of 2018. But just because it’s legal, not all cannabis smokers want to flaunt to their peers that they smoke weed, and some are wondering if Delta-8 vapes smell like weed. 

If you want to be discreet about your smoking habit, you want to choose an alternative that won’t let you out to the people you don’t want to find out that you smoke. If you need Delta-8 to function or relax, getting unhigh might not be the best option for you. 

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If that is the case, you should probably know that some Delta-8 vapes and products have slight scents, and some contain very strong weed-like aromas that can easily be mistaken for cannabis flowers. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Delta-8 vapes are federally legal and legal in most states as long as they are hemp-derived.
  • Some Delta-8 products, such as vapes, smell slightly like weed, but there are more discreet products that only produce only a slight weed-like aroma.
  • Some Delta-8 vapes smell stronger because of the terpenes included, which not only add a stronger aroma but are likely to enhance psychoactive effects. 
  • Although some Delta-8 vapes smell like weed, the smell doesn’t stick and you can still be discreet.

What Does Delta-8 Smell Like?

The smell of cannabis is distinct, and its smell is one of its most defining characteristics. Delta-8 is a cannabis or hemp compound that doesn’t really smell like anything without adding terpenes when making vape or other Delta-8 products. 

For those who don’t know, Delta-8 is a cannabinoid similar to Delta-9 THC and CBD. Unlike Delta-9 THC, which is the primary psychoactive substance in marijuana, Delta-8 THC is just an isomer that comes in low concentrations. And it can only produce mild psychoactive effects, which is an excellent choice for people who don’t want to get too high or just want to experience mild effects.

The smell of Delta-8 depends on the products. Some products only have slight smells, and other others have the earthy or fruity smell of weed, depending on the terpene profile. However, if you want to smoke Delta-8 and don’t like the smell of weed, the smell of concentrates like vapes and carts doesn’t really stick after smoking. 

In addition, the oil in the chamber doesn’t smell when not in use, so you can discreetly store these products at home or anywhere without worrying about them smelling like weed. 

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Delta-8 THC Products With Slight Scents

If you are not into strong weed aromas and scents that can sometimes be overbearing, you can find Delta-8 products that have lighter scents that you can barely notice. Delta-8 products with slight scents are ideal for people who want to experience the benefits of Delta-8 without worrying about the strong smell. 

Here are some of the Delta-8 products that produce lighter scents that you probably won’t mind that much:



Although some edibles have a hint of weed smell, they aren’t as strong as other Delta-8 products. With Delta-8 edibles, such as gummies and pastries, you get to enjoy the mild high that Delta-8 brings without worrying about the strong smell. 

Delta-8 edibles are just like any other THC edible. The only difference is that it is infused with Delta-8 THC instead of other cannabinoids. However, some Delta-8 edibles are combined with more cannabinoids and terpenes to produce more potent effects – but you can always stick to Delta-8 only edibles if you are not into getting really high. 

These types of edibles are perfect for people who want to enjoy Delta-8 effects without smoking weed or vaping – which can produce strong aromas that may stick, especially if you just smoked cannabis before doing anything important. 

The high may affect longer with edibles, but it will take a while to take effect because, unlike smoking and vaping, the Delta-8 THC is absorbed through your digestive system instead of your lungs. 

It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to take effect and can last up to 12 hours. But don’t worry because Delta-8 THC does not go as hard as Delta-9, meaning you might be able to do activities while high on Delta-8. 



Tinctures are liquid extracts of Delta-8 THC that you can take orally. It is one of the popular ways to consume Delta-8, as well as other cannabinoid products. Tinctures are not pure Delta-8 THC, and they are sometimes made with various natural extracts with alcohol or oil as their base. 

Tinctures’ scent does not exactly smell like weed, thanks to the carrier oils and essential oils mixed with the tincture. Some of the most common scents added to tinctures are citrus scents, menthol, and lavender – which also add to its calming effects. If you’re really not into scented tinctures, there are unflavored options that produce very light scents. 


Delta-8 THC Products With Strong Scents

Some Delta-8 products might produce a slight scent, but there are also stronger-scented products that may remind you of the smell of weed. If you want to experience Delta-8 THC and don’t mind the aromas, the best experiences start with Delta-8 products with stronger scents, such as:


Delta-8 Distillate

Delta-8 distillate, like Delta-9 distillate, might not have the same terpenes as live resin options, but it still has a distinct smell that might be similar to weed. However, it is less strong than Delta-8 products with more terpenes, such as live resin cartridges.

Delta-8 distillate can be consumed by vaping, dabbing, or infusing it with joints and bowls. Vaping distillate might not produce a strong skunky aroma, but when you infuse it with regular weed or cannabis flower, the smell will definitely stick around for a while. 


Delta-8 Moonrocks

Moonrocks are cannabis concentrates made by combining Delta-8 THC distillate and flower. The flowers are coated with Delta-8 distillate and rolled into kief and other cannabis compounds that can enhance your high. 

What gives moonrocks the stronger scent is its high terpene and Delta-8 THC content. The smell of these moonrocks is often described as earthy and skunky, the same scent you would expect from cannabis flowers with the same terpene profile. 

The smell actually depends on the specific cannabis flowers used to create them, which is why other users report a hint of citrus and pine aromas. 


Delta-8 Flowers

Delta-8 might be a semi-synthetic compound from cannabis and hemp, but some manufacturers can create Delta-8 THC flowers using hemp flowers that are rich in CBD, and combining it with Delta-8 distillate, which results in highly-flavorful and potent flower. 

Like Delta-8 moonrocks, Delta-8 flower also has an earthy and skunky aroma that simulates cannabis flower. The pungent aroma is due to the terpenes infused with the flowers, which also produces a satisfying high. 

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Delta-8 Disposable Vapes

Vaping Delta-8 disposable vapes is probably the best way to consume Delta-8 because it is the most convenient way to get high. You can also try Delta-8 cartridges, but it is so much more convenient if you have everything you need to smoke weed right out of the box. 

Delta-8 disposable vapes are made with Delta-8 THC and sometimes mixed with other cannabinoids to make the high more potent. And to simulate the taste and smell of actual weed, it is also sometimes made with terpenes and other weed compounds to ensure that any cannabis smoker who tries it gets a similar experience in a much more convenient package. 

If you are not a fan of aroma, it is good to know that Delta-8 vapes don’t really have a strong smell like smoking weed because vaping is an entirely different method that can’t produce a long-lasting smell. 

Some Delta-8 disposable vapes are carefully curated to make the smell more bearable. For example, the  Wedding Cake Live Resin Disposable from Melee Dose is created to produce a pleasant scent with flavors that are definitely out of this world. If you want to experience vaping discreetly and getting high without anyone noticing, Melee has a wide selection of vape options just for you! 

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Does Delta-8 Smell Like Weed?

Delta-8 alone doesn’t smell like weed since it is a cannabinoid. The compounds responsible for the smell in weed are terpenes. However, most Delta-8 products are mixed with terpenes to emulate the experience, including the high, taste, and smell of smoking weed. 

Live resin vapes vs. regular vapes with Delta-8 are examples of Delta-8 products that have terpenes in the mix to produce distinct aromas that will give beginner and long-time cannabis users a familiar feeling and scent.

Some Delta-8 products are not made with terpenes because these manufacturers intend to make them odorless for users who don’t care for the aroma. 

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Do Delta-8 Vaporizers Smell?

Yes, Delta-8 vaporizers smell. However, the smell depends on its contents and the product itself. Many users report that distillate vapes don’t produce strong scents compared to live resin Delta-8 vapes, which have a higher terpene content.

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Do Delta-8 Carts Smell Like Weed?

Some Delta-8 carts smell like weed, and some don’t smell as much. As with disposables, it all comes down to the cart’s ingredients. If the cart is only Delta-8 distillate, it will not have any scent at all. But, if it has terpenes added, there will be a slightly weedy scent. 


Final Thoughts

Whether you like the smell of weed or not, there is a wide selection of Delta-8 products available that produces a weed-like aroma and some that don’t. However, it is reported that Delta-8 products infused with terpenes are much more potent, so if you want to experience a better high if you have a higher tolerance, you should go for the options that are scented with these cannabis compounds. 

If the reason you are wondering if Delta-8 vapes smell like weed is you want to be discreet, there is nothing to worry about since the smell will not stick that long when you vape it compared to smoking. 

Just remember to make sure that Delta-8 is legal in your area before purchasing, and make sure you purchase your Delta-8 products from trusted sources after doing your research on trusted cannabis review sites like to ensure their safety and compliance with Delta-8 THC laws. 


Does Delta-8 Vape Smell Like Weed: Frequently Asked Questions 

What Do Delta-8 Vapes Smell Like?

The Delta-8 vapes depends on the content and strain of weed used to create them. Some Delta-8 vapes have a pungent, earthy, and musky aroma. In contrast, some Delta-8 vapes produce a citrusy and fruity scent. It all depends on its terpene contents and the type of concentrate. Distillate does not produce a strong scent compared to live resin vapes, which are filled with terpenes. 

Is Delta-8 Real Or Fake Weed?

Delta-8 naturally occurs in hemp and marijuana plants. However, since they don’t usually come in high concentrations, they are synthesized and created by rearranging Delta-9 THC’s chemical structure. It is real weed with the same effects, but only milder. However, you can still get really high from it if you smoke or consume a lot of it. 

Does CBD Vape Smoke Smell Like Weed?

CBD vape smoke smells like weed if you purchase a vape option that contains the same terpenes found in cannabis plants. Most CBD vapes are made with terpenes, which produce the reported therapeutic effects. It might not get you high as vaping THC, but it can still have effects due to the terpenes. 

Does Delta-8 Show Up On Drug Tests?

As of now, Delta-8 THC may show up on drug tests. It depends on the type of drug test. Some tests are only designed to find Delta-9 THC, and since Delta-8 has a different molecular structure, it won’t show up on these tests. That said, some tests are designed to look for any THC metabolites, which include Delta-8. If you have an incoming test, it’s best to stay away from Delta-8 for a few weeks beforehand to be safe. 

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