Best Black Friday Weed Deals 2023

As the chill of November sets in, the heat of shopping fervor rises with Black Friday looming on the horizon. This isn’t just any shopping event; it’s the prime time to snag coveted deals, allowing you to enhance your cannabis repertoire without draining your wallet.

The onset of the holiday shopping season brings with it a dichotomy of emotions. While some thrive in the thrill of snagging deals amidst the Black Friday bustle, others prefer a more laid-back approach away from the frenzied crowds. Regardless of your stance, there’s no disputing that this time-honored shopping extravaganza offers a golden opportunity to maximize your resources.

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2023 has been a landmark year for the cannabis niche, witnessing unparalleled innovation. From the debut of the world’s first portable laser bong to advancements in vaporizers and eco-conscious accessories, the industry hasn’t just grown; it’s evolved with finesse. Now, as Black Friday and its digital counterpart, Cyber Monday, edge closer, these cutting-edge products become even more accessible thanks to jaw-dropping discounts.

The cannabis domain, much like every other retail realm, revels in the Black Friday tradition, offering not just deals but an inclusive experience. Sidestep the pandemonium of physical shopping as online cannabis platforms welcome you to a stress-free shopping haven. Here, seasoned connoisseurs and curious novices alike can indulge in a diverse selection of cannabis wares.

So, whether you’re looking to pamper yourself with the latest in cannabis tech or searching for the quintessential gift to impress your stoner comrades, the upcoming sales fest is ripe with options. Dive into a world of generous bargains on your favorite brands this season. It’s more than just shopping; it’s a chance to celebrate the cannabis culture with enthusiasm and, of course, some fantastic savings.

Ready your wishlists and prepare for a fulfilling journey through the best deals the cannabis industry is eager to present this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here’s to happy shopping and happier stashes!

Mellow Fellow

The Brand

Embark on a journey of tranquility and balance with Mellow Fellow, a pioneer in superior hemp-derived Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC concoctions. With a foundation rooted in scientific mastery and innovation, Mellow Fellow stands apart, thanks to their crew of Ph.D. chemists, each boasting two decades in the pharmaceutical realm. This expertise is mirrored in the meticulous formulation of each product, crafted to unlock peak cannabinoid effectiveness while adhering to the highest benchmarks of quality.

Consistent lab evaluations ensure that trust and excellence are never compromised, offering you a diverse product range that includes everything from scrumptious edibles and rich concentrates to premium vape cartridges and exceptional flower selections. Dive into the Mellow Fellow experience, where Delta 8 and Delta 10 are not just products but a gateway to a harmonious lifestyle.

The Deals

Celebrate the holidays with Mellow Fellow, your trusted source for the finest cannabis products. Our extensive collection, featuring everything from soothing vapes to delightful edibles, is designed to cater to your every mood and preference.

Green Wednesday (Nov 22): Start the Celebrations Early Get a head start on your holiday shopping with our Green Wednesday sale. Enjoy an incredible 40% off on our single noids and premium blends. Plus, subscribe to our newsletter for an additional 10% off. Note: This offer excludes Live Resin Blends, Bundles, Samplers, and Gift Cards.

Black Friday (Nov 23 – 26): The Ultimate Cannabis Shopping Spree Our Black Friday event is a can’t-miss opportunity. Avail 40% off site-wide, including our sought-after Live Resin Products. Subscribers get an extra 10% off. Exclusions apply to Bundles, Samplers, and Gift Cards.


Cyber Monday (Nov 27): The Grand Finale of Savings Wrap up your holiday shopping with our Cyber Monday deal. Once again, we’re offering a 40% discount across our site. Subscribers receive an additional 10% off. This offer excludes Bundles, Samplers, and Gift Cards.

No promo codes are needed for the 40% discount. Upon subscribing, you’ll receive a unique code for the additional 10% off. Embrace the spirit of the season with Mellow Fellow’s exceptional cannabis products!


All November:

Indulge more and save with Mellow Fellow’s unbeatable Buy One, Get One 60% off deal on 1ml and 2ml carts. But there’s more — set the stage for a cozy winter with all dabs slashed to half price for the entirety of November. Embrace the ease of savings, with no need for a discount code, and let Mellow Fellow redefine your cannabinoid experience.


Mighty Kind

The Brand

Mighty Kind elevates the seltzer experience to an art form, blending the best of nature’s flavors with the wellness benefits of CBD and CBG. Each can is a testament to innovation, offering a symphony of tastes that cater to every palate. Here’s a snapshot of the top-tier flavors from Mighty Kind, each a unique blend of exquisite taste profiles and cannabinoid goodness:

  • Heady Lemon (CBD/CBG): A light, refreshing twist on traditional lemonade, Heady Lemon offers a citrusy burst with a subtle floral hint. It’s the perfect pick-me-up on days when a touch of kindness is needed.
  • Orange Dream (CBD): For those dreamy days, Orange Dream is a creamy, vanilla-tinged delight, reminiscent of a classic Creamsicle but enhanced with the wellness properties of CBD.
  • Violet Mango (CBD): A bold, imaginative mix of mango and vanilla with a sweet, floral violet finish. Violet Mango is a taste adventure, a unique flavor you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Cherry Blossom (CBD): A blend of floral and fruity, Cherry Blossom is like wandering through a cherry-filled garden, captured in a can.
  • Tropical Mango (CBG): This tantalizing blend of sweet mango and tart pineapple evokes a tropical paradise. It’s an escape to an exotic location, no travel required.

The journey with Mighty Kind doesn’t stop with these signature flavors. Explore their expansive range of other seltzers, each with its unique flair and taste profile, promising a refreshing experience with every sip.

Other Products

  • Kevin Smith Collabs: Dive into the Jay and Silent Bob universe with Chronic Con and Mooby’s official cannabis seltzers, featured in Clerks III (2022).
  • Mighty Kind CBD Seltzers: Crafted with 20mg of hemp-derived CBD, these seltzers offer a delicious cannabis experience.
  • Mighty Kind D9 Seltzers: Infused with 10mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC for a craft cannabis experience.
  • Loyal Hemp D8: A range of seltzers containing 5 to 20mg of hemp-derived Delta 8 in each can.
  • CHEERZ: Non-infused, alcohol-free seltzers with zero sugar or sweeteners, boasting bold flavors

The Deal


Mighty Kind Black Friday Coupon


This Black Friday, Mighty Kind invites you to indulge in the ultimate sipping experience with our exclusive early access sale. As a token of our appreciation for our email subscribers, we’re offering a special 25% off sitewide, starting now!

Early Access to Black Friday Savings Get ahead of the holiday rush and enjoy 25% off on our entire range of Mighty Kind Seltzers. These botanical delights are perfect for gifting or personal enjoyment, offering a blend of bubbly wellness, hydration, and relaxation. Use promo code EA2023BF to unlock your savings. This offer is valid now through Cyber Monday, 11/27/23.

Limited Supplies, Unlimited Joy Our Mighty Kind Seltzers are more than just a drink; they’re an invitation to explore inner outer space. With supplies limited, ensure you secure your favorites before they’re gone. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or searching for the perfect holiday gift, our seltzers are sure to delight.

Shop today at Mighty Kind and embrace the festive spirit with our exclusive 25% off. Remember, this offer is while supplies last, so don’t wait to experience the joy of Mighty Kind!

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Botany Farms

The Brand

Imagine the pure bliss of cannabis nurtured by the gentle touch of sunlight, the caress of crystal-clear waters, and a deeply rooted respect for nature. That’s the essence of Botany Farms, where the cultivation of premium CBD and CBG flowers, along with an array of other distinguished cannabinoids, transcends ordinary processes. Eschewing the use of pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, and unnecessary additives, they elevate purity to an art form.

Botany Farms is not just a cultivator but a curator of craftsmanship in the cannabis arena. This dedication is labor-intensive, indeed, transcending mainstream farming and harvesting techniques, but the clarity, richness, and wholesomeness of the experience it delivers speak volumes of its worth. Here, cannabis is revered, not merely for its recreational value, but for its intricate, multifaceted nature. Their offerings are a cornucopia of wellness: hemp-derived flowers, succulent gummies, convenient pre-rolls, invigorating edibles, potent tinctures, and smooth vaporizers, each variant attuned to the specific needs of the modern consumer.

Tapping into the underexplored potential of minor cannabinoids, Botany Farms has kindled a beacon of well-being, helping countless individuals embrace a more vibrant, joyous life. This isn’t just a mission—it’s a passion shared by the heart-driven team behind Botany Farms.


The Deal

Black Friday Sale: BF25 Embrace the spirit of savings with Botany Farms’ Black Friday sale. Use the code BF25 at checkout to receive a generous 25% off on everything on the site. This offer is your chance to experience the richness and clarity of Botany Farms’ products, from their succulent gummies and convenient pre-rolls to invigorating edibles and potent tinctures. Hurry, this deal expires on 11/28.

Cyber Monday Special: CM30 The savings continue with a special Cyber Monday deal. Starting Sunday evening, use the code CM30 for an incredible 30% off everything on the site. Whether you’re replenishing your stash or trying something new, Botany Farms’ diverse selection caters to all your cannabis needs. This offer expires on 12/01, so don’t miss out!


The Brand

2020 marked the genesis of a cosmic journey led by a group of hemp aficionados, a journey destined to revolutionize the earthly experience of Delta 8 products. Moonwlkr emerged from a collective ambition to transcend the known horizons of hemp potential. This wasn’t just innovation; it was a metamorphosis, fueled by an insatiable curiosity and manifested in a line of products that blend award-winning terpenes and flavors that are truly celestial.

Each custom blend from Moonwlkr is a ticket to an uncharted galaxy of taste, equilibrium, and bliss. It’s not just about exploring cannabinoids; it’s about ushering in new eras of sensory euphoria. Prepare for liftoff and savor the journey that awaits.

The Deal

This Black Friday, catapult your wellness journey into the stratosphere with Moonwlkr’s celestial offerings. Witness the stellar impact of their renowned gummies, including the serenity-inducing Delta 8 Gummies Blue Dream, known for tranquility that resonates with every star in the sky.

As the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday orbit around, Moonwlkr invites you aboard their spacecraft with a universal 25% discount across their galaxy of products (note: the constellation of already-discounted multi-packs remains unaffected) using the code SHOPPINGSPREE.

In collaboration with Moonwlkr, we’re propelling this Black Friday into a higher dimension by offering a meteoric 40% discount on all THC assortments. Just enter the code VAPES40 at checkout. It’s more than shopping; it’s a celestial celebration. Buckle up, and enjoy the odyssey with Moonwlkr!


The Brand

In the dynamic landscape of cannabis, Munchies emerged as a response to a call for revolution, embodying over 15 years of green expertise. This isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement, encapsulating the audacious spirit and liberated essence of the cannabis counterculture, all while making waves in an ocean of mainstream norms. Munchies presents the world of cannabis not as a taboo, but as an inclusive playground for the curious novice and seasoned cannasseur alike.

Within their kingdom, you’ll discover a treasure trove of Delta-8, Delta-9, and HHC concoctions, each a crowning achievement of royal quality yet democratically priced. As minor cannabinoids surge in popularity, carving new niches, Munchies rides the crest of this wave, championed by a burgeoning community of enthusiasts.

Stationed in Los Angeles, Munchies isn’t constrained by tradition but propelled by a visionary understanding of cannabis’s potential: accessible, credible, and a joyous rite for all walks of life. Anchored by the pillars of consistency, transparency, and integrity, every product under the Munchies banner is synonymous with unsurpassed quality and guaranteed jubilation.


Munchies Black Friday Coupon

The Deal

Black Friday at Munchies is not a mere sale; it’s an extravaganza beckoning the explorer in you. In homage to this legendary day of commerce, Munchies is rolling out a monumental 50% discount across their entire online inventory, with the gates opening on a minimum spend of just $50. Dive into a world of fragrant flowers, delectable gummies, comprehensive bundles, and irresistible edibles.

This Black Friday, make a pilgrimage to a site that’s garnered an almost mythical status among cannabinoid aficionados. Avail yourself of Munchies’ generous offer, now shipping to the vast majority of states, and immerse yourself in a culture that’s both a journey and a destination. The realm of Munchies awaits your passage.

Smoke Cartel

The Brand

Embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of cannabis culture with Smoke Cartel, a premier destination for connoisseurs of vaporizers, bespoke glassware, and a myriad of smoking accessories. For over seven years, this online emporium has stood as a beacon of quality, variety, and trust, showcasing an impressive portfolio of over 200 distinct brands dedicated to enhancing your smoking experience.

The origin of Smoke Cartel traces back to 2013, born from the entrepreneurial spirit of two Georgia-based art students. With a modest investment of $600 and a vision to fill a gap in the online market, they ignited a venture that would eventually blaze a trail in the industry. Today, the company flourishes, propelled by a passionate collective of glass aficionados committed to enriching your lifestyle with impeccable service, extensive product knowledge, prompt delivery, and an unmatched spectrum of items.

The Deal

This season, Smoke Cartel transforms the traditional shopping spree into an extravaganza of savings, extending far beyond Black Friday. Commencing with the Thanksgiving VIP Sale from November 22nd to 24th, treasure-seekers can indulge in a 20% reduction across all categories, with additional surprise markdowns on the horizon.

As the Black Friday festivities unfold, prepare to unveil savings of 20% across the board, complemented by special discounts upon deploying the coupon code BFCM2022. These are some of the best dry herb vape Black Friday deals on the entire web.  But the bounty doesn’t end there! Cyber Monday ushers in a redux of the 20% discount site-wide, perpetuating the spirit of savings with the same magical code.

And for those who revel in the eleventh-hour thrill, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday denouement doesn’t disappoint. Avail yourself of a gracious 15% off across the platform with the code LASTCHANCE. At Smoke Cartel, every transaction is more than a purchase; it’s a passage into a community that values quality, education, and an enduring bond with every patron.


The Brand

Binoid stands as a paragon of excellence in the CBD realm, grounded in a philosophy of purity, potency, and environmental stewardship. Sourcing their hemp from the nutrient-rich soils of Oregon, Binoid crafts a range of products that epitomize the intersection of nature and science. Their Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract is a shining example of this synergy, born from methods that honor the earth and ingredients that pay homage to its bounty.

With a laser focus on surpassing industry benchmarks, Binoid doesn’t just meet customer expectations – they aim to transcend them. Each product is a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality, delivering wellness experiences that resonate with authenticity and effectiveness.

The Deal

This Black Friday, Binoid is setting the stage for an unmissable shopping extravaganza, offering a sweeping 35% discount across their entire site. Whether your holiday checklist includes a variety of cannabinoids or a selection of unique CBD products, Binoid’s diverse catalog is your go-to destination. Use the code “BF35” at checkout to unlock these significant savings.

As you navigate the holiday season, stay tuned to our curated list of the best deals from around the web. Whether your interest lies in flowers, concentrates, edibles, or accessories, our evolving guide is your compass to the most enticing offers. Keep checking back for updates, and embark on a journey of savings this Black Friday and beyond. Start saving today, and make Binoid a cornerstone of your festive cannabis shopping.


Imperial Extraction

Imperial Black Friday Coupon


This holiday season, Imperial Extraction invites you to discover the pinnacle of cannabis refinement with our special offer. As a celebration of the festive spirit, we’re providing an exclusive deal for our esteemed customers.

Special Holiday Offer: Free 2G THCA Diamond Pre-Roll Make any purchase from our exquisite collection and receive a complimentary 2G THCA Diamond Infused Pre-Roll. This offer is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Use the promo code IMPERIAL at checkout to claim your free pre-roll. This special gift is our way of saying thank you for choosing Imperial Extraction for your cannabis needs.

Limited Time, Unlimited Quality Our range of products, from the flavorful vape pods to the potent pre-rolls, are designed to provide an unmatched cannabis experience. This offer is valid for a limited time, so don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your holiday celebrations with Imperial Extraction’s premium products.

Visit Imperial Extraction today and unlock the essence of true cannabis luxury with our exclusive holiday offer. Remember, this deal is while supplies last, so act fast and make your holidays unforgettable with Imperial Extraction.

Keep checking back as there will be more deals added daily as they are released!


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