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Blue Lotus (also called Egyptian lotus) is one of the new and upcoming newcomers to the vape scene, with the mix of this hallucinatory onset with different cannabinoids to increase relaxation. While also the name of a strain, Blue Lotus Vapes stands proud of its name with its zen-like contemplative state that many indica lovers adore.

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Now, how can you choose the best Blue Lotus vape? We’ve got you. Whether you are looking for the best flavor, most strength, or easy-to-carry options, in this article, you’ll find a brief explanation of this strain in vaping devices, its key benefits, and our top picks to choose this delicious cannabinoids and hallucinogen flower mix.

So, if you are ready let’s take a closer look into some of the most delicious vapes around, you’ll want to look at the piece of art created by this “blue period” flower.

Key Takeaways

  • Blue Lotus vapes combine cannabinoids with the psychoactive Blue Lotus flower, offering unique, relaxing effects.
  • Vaping Blue Lotus provides convenience, milder smoke, and requires no maintenance compared to traditional smoking.
  • Quality and user experience vary: options range from pure Blue Lotus blends to those mixed with strain-specific terpenes.
  • When choosing a Blue Lotus vape, consider lab results, personal usage style, and buy from reputable sources.
  • Blue Lotus vapes are generally safe; start with a small dosage and be aware of mild possible side effects.
  • Hometown Hero’s Blue Lotus Vape excels with a unique cannabinoid and Blue Lotus blend, offering a premium, multi-layered experience, and a strong commitment to quality and social responsibility.

What is a Blue Lotus Vape?

A Blue Lotus Vape is a vaping device that employs an extract from cannabis or hemp combined with the Blue Lotus flower and some terpenes to give you the flavors and aroma of blue lotus with the high from regular THC.

These extracts, also known as concentrates, are potent forms of cannabis that distill the plant’s essence into a rich concoction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Offering a more intense experience than traditional smoking, these concentrates are gaining traction for their convenience and ease of use, especially in disposable vaping devices.

The Blue Lotus Vape specifically capitalizes on the THC content of the flower, possibly blended with other cannabinoids, and is enhanced with added terpenes for a richer aroma, flavor, and a potentially nuanced psychoactive experience, which may include mild hallucinatory effects.

Benefits of Vaping Blue Lotus

Now, while smoking the actual flower itself can be a holistic experience, there are some key benefits of enjoying it in its vape form. First and foremost, it’s less of a hassle to bring along for a quick toke. Whether you choose a disposable or a cart, it’s easier to get around with a sleek pen than having to bring your whole forging kit, like papers, a grinder, a pipe, or other accessories that might bulk up your bag.

Another key benefit is that it is easier to smoke, as the vapor produced when the distillate or concentrate heats up is less dense than regular smoke. This means two things: First, you get a much more manageable toke with a quicker onset due to its absorption, and second is that most of the time it will dissipate in the span of a few seconds.

The third key benefit is that you don’t have to clean or give maintenance to your vape pen. While pipes and other glass accessories must be frequently washed with soap to prevent clogs and other funny business, most vapes are ready to use out of the box.

This is perfect if you are just starting to delve into the world of cannabis or simply want a less troubling experience by skipping other gadgets, accessories, or techniques like learning to forge flower blunts.

Best Blue Lotus Vape

Having covered what these vape pens are and some of their benefits, let’s go over some of our best picks for Blue Lotus vape. Some of these are from highly renowned brands like Binoid, and others are more of a dark horse pick due to their delicious terpene combinations and use of the Blue Lotus flower with different cannabinoids and terpene-inspired flavors. Let’s check out our list.

1. Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero, a visionary cannabis company based in Austin, Texas, stands out for its deep commitment to veterans and high-quality plant products. Founded in 2015 by Lukas Gilkey and Lewis Hamer, the company’s mission is supporting veterans, even going the distance by donating a part of their revenue to non-profits helping veterans in need. Hometown Hero is not just a business but a cause-driven enterprise. Their Blue Lotus Vape line is a shining example of their commitment to quality, innovation, and social responsibility.


The Blue Lotus Vape from Hometown Hero offers an exclusive blend, combining cannabinoids with the enigmatic Blue Lotus. Each disposable vape contains 2 grams of this special mix, ensuring a profound, multi-layered experience. The vape presents a seamless integration of THC and Blue Lotus, meticulously balanced to produce the ‘entourage effect,’ enhancing mood and relaxation. Its USB-C rechargeability, absence of carrier liquids, and incorporation of botanical terpenes reflect the brand’s dedication to purity and user convenience.

There are four flavors of this disposable vape. Among the variants, Purple Kush is a standout for those seeking tranquility. The second flavor, Liberty Haze, is a hybrid that offers a citrus-herbal blend ideal for outdoor adventures or creative sessions. Blueberry, with its sweet berry taste, pairs wonderfully with Blue Lotus for a relaxed, cozy night. Lastly, Sour Diesel’s distinct pungent aroma and the soothing touch of Blue Lotus make it perfect for social gatherings or creative pursuits.


  • 2-gram disposable with a refined and user-friendly design
  • Unique blend of cannabinoids and Blue Lotus for an enhanced entourage effect
  • Four distinct flavors, each offering a tailored experience for different moods and preferences
  • No carrier liquids and inclusion of botanical terpenes for a pure, authentic experience
  • USB-C rechargeable so you don’t have to carry extra cables


  • Flavors are too overwhelming for new users

2. Binoid

For number two, we’ll go with one of the biggest pioneers in the hemp vape industry, Binoid. Besides its incredible visuals and packaging, this brand has constantly upped its game with new devices, cannabinoids and experimenting with cannabinoids and terpene mixes. Their Blue Lotus Disposable is the perfect example of this.


This vape comes in one of the first Blue Lotus disposables with 3 grams of concentrate, with premium flower extracts and Delta cannabinoids. This pen uses pure Blue Lotus, strain-specific terpenes, and flavonoids, with a mix of THCA and Delta-9P distillate, providing a sleek, heavy mind buzz that slowly turns into an intense body sensation and great relaxation while being easy to carry with smooth tokes.

binoid blue lotus vape


  • 3-gram pen with a sleek design
  • Pure Blue Lotus flavor
  • Blue Lotus, THCA, and Delta-9P distillate formula
  • Head and body strong buzz
  • Perfect to take on the go and get relief with quick and smooth tokes


  • Can come off as a little strong for new users

For a more comprehensive understanding, read about the differences between THCA vs THCP.

3. Dope Boyz/Exodus

Next, we got one of the innovative brands from our list; with a cartoony, trippy, and really visual branding, Dope Boyz is one of the brands on this list that you need to try at least once. Their 2.2-gram vape line Exodus has some of the slickest vape pens with high-quality distillates, and their Blue Lotus flavor is simply delicious. Let’s take a look.


The Exodus Dope Boyz Blue Lotus Disposable is not only an eye candy but an actual deliciously sweet vape pen you can take on the go. This pen comes with 2.2 grams of their delicious Blue Lotus distillate, with six different flavor combinations along with the Blue Lotus flavor.

You can try this in the Blue Razz, Unicorn Dreamz, or White Gushers strain mix for an extra indica experience, Super Goji or Sour Skittles for sativa strains, or the Pink Runtz for a pure hybrid experience. This pen mixes the sweet and vanilla-like notes that slowly mix in with each of the strains, all in an HHC formula.

dope boyz blue lotus vape


  • Delicious HHC formula with Blue Lotus and strain-specific terpenes
  • 2.2 grams pen with a slick pink design
  • Tasty strain and Blue Lotus flavor mix
  • Strong relaxing and head buzz sensation


  • If you are looking for a pure Blue Lotus experience, you might want to take a look at other pens on the list

4. Torch

Next on our list is Torch, another high-quality hemp vape brand that keeps creating superb quality distillates, clean looks with clogless pens, and sometimes gets experimental with different cannabinoids. If you want a pen that actually uses the flower with a mix of Delta-9 THC, you are in for a ride.


The Torch Blue Lotus Sapphire Blend Disposable Vape Pens 3.5g is a great way to fuse the feeling of using cannabinoids with the borderline hallucinatory onset of this flower. With a 3.5g blend of Delta-9 and Blue Lotus (called Sapphire Blend), you can try this pen in 8 different strain flavors that mix in with the natural vanilla and nutty taste of this bud.


  • Over eight different strains to choose from, including Goldberry, Holy Grail OG, Jack Frost, to Sherblato
  • Actually has Blue Lotus as part of its components
  • Slick pen with preheat function
  • Third-party lab results with actual Blue Lotus content


  • While this pen contains Blue Lotus, users looking for a stronger relaxation effect should look for other options.

5. Chapo Azul

Lastly, we have Chapo, a strong brand that has innovated with different types of resin and cannabinoids like oleoresin. Their Chapo Azul Blue Lotus Disposable Vape 3.5 Gram is perfect if you want to try Blue Lotus with a mix of flavor/Strain profiles, let’s take a look.


Besides its 3.5g formula, this vape also contains CBD, CBN, and Blue Lotus in this concentrate. All of the cannabinoids are hemp-derived, with two different flavors available: CandyLand for a sativa-like experience, Strawberry Banana to unwind before bed with an indica-like experience, and Lush Melon for a chill hybrid session.

This pen comes with three different voltage settings, with a USB-C rechargeable port for a quick toke on the go with its slick design.


  • The formula actually has Blue Lotus with other cannabinoids
  • High-quality pen and distillate
  • Three different flavors/terpene profiles to choose from
  • Mild relaxing effects with slight hallucinatory onset


  • Due to the cannabinoids included, the high from this vape won’t be too intensive

How to Choose the Right Blue Lotus Disposable?

There are three important things to consider when choosing the right Blue Lotus disposable. First, you have to check their third-party lab results. This ensures you are getting the right amount of cannabinoids, with no extra cutting agents or heavy metals, but also making sure you are getting the terpenes from the Blue Lotus strain.

This is also important as the Blue Lotus is a psychoactive flower still not fully investigated. Most vaping devices have a cannabinoid-based device that emulates how this flower feels, so be suspicious if the brand you are looking at does not specify if it’s a cannabis-based product or not.

The second part is to choose the disposable that fits your style better. If you are a big ripper that gets tokes frequently, try going for pens that have more distillate content, so you feel satisfied with the experience. If you prefer flavor over strength, then a pen focusing on the terpenes or the strain itself could be a better fit.

Lastly, always choose disposables that have a reputable website or that use sellers that you can trust. Sometimes, new or buzzing strains tend to get the attention of companies and brands, and not all vapes are made the same. So make sure you can see reviews on the product and see that they have contact information or customer service in case your vape malfunctions.

Overall Impressions – Best Blue Lotus Vape

We’ve come to the end of our list of the best blue lotus vapes, and we hope you had a nice trip. Or at least get one with one of our choices. As we mentioned at the beginning, Blue Lotus is a flower that has psychoactive and hallucinogenic properties but is also a cannabis strain that’s been used and mixed in different vaping devices.

Thanks to its popular hallucinatory onset, the mix of cannabinoids and this flower has become widely popular in vaping devices, with some of our top picks like Hometown Hero’s Blue Lotus vape combining other cannabinoids and strains with the Blue Lotus flower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix Blue Lotus vape with other vapes?

It's not recommended to mix blue lotus vape liquid with other vape products due to potential changes in effects and safety concerns. Enjoy it as crafted for the best experience.

Will Blue Lotus vaping affect my sleep?

Many users report improved relaxation and sleep quality after vaping blue lotus, attributed to its calming properties. However, effects can vary individually.

Is there a best time of day to use a Blue Lotus vape?

Evening or night use is popular due to blue lotus's relaxing effects, making it ideal for unwinding before sleep. However, personal preference and response can dictate the optimal time.


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