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Free Fidget Spinners! A 100% Mostly True Story!

Lucky us, because a huge truck full of bullet holes drove by our warehouse really fast. When suddenly a guy dressed in black swung open the truck's back door with one hand on the handle and holding a vape simultaneously. 

With his other hand on his chest he proceeded to blow out three of the thickest and sickest vape O's then kick a suitcase from the floor of the truck out and onto our parking lot before driving off into vape cloud covered sunset.

As we approached the mysterious suitcase those vape rings the strange man in black had blown now formed into tripod and started rotating towards and descent onto the suitcase.

Like magic the vapor splashed onto the suitcase opening it uncovering most majestic display of fidget spinners I have ever seen in my life!

And now we are pleased to pass this legend onto you with your very own FREE FIDGET SPINNER! And these are totally not cursed either because the suitcase also contained a self-destructing note that [was something like this]...

Sooo, where can I get one of these free fidget spinners you ask? 

Just click here to claim your free fidget spinner!

Do it. Quickly before they're gone! 

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