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What happens to vaping if the FDA deeming regulations are not repealed?

Repeal the FDA deeming regulations

Despite numerous vaping studies which suggest that e-cigs are infinitely safer than smoking, the Obama Administration released FDA deeming regulations that threaten to wipe out thousands of vape shops nationwide.  Following in the footsteps of the FDA, the Pennsylvania state legislature also implemented crippling statewide taxes that are already leading many shops to close their doors permanently.  Now, San Francisco is outlawing all flavored e-liquids and even menthol cigarettes. 

What happens to vaping if the FDA deeming regulations are not repealed by the Trump Administration?  Here is a short list of immediate repercussions that will have an instantaneous negative effect on the average vaper.

  • Vapers love their e-liquids, but if the FDA deeming regulations are not overturned, e-liquid manufacturers will be forced to pay hefty PMTA (Pre-Market Tobacco Application) fees for each and every new brand placed on the market. The PMTA will cost between $350,000 to perhaps $1 million.  Vapers can expect very limited selections, and many of the ones that they current love will instantly disappear both online and in local vape shops.
  • Vapers are also very accustomed to rapidly advancing vaping technology being released to market at incredible rates. “New and improved” atomizers, vape mods, and everything in between are hitting the Internet almost daily.  Since the FDA deeming regulations will require a new uber-expensive PMTA, retailers will be forced to release more advanced technology at a much slower pace.


  • Furthermore, retailers will be forced to transfer the extra costs of those PMTA fees on to the vaping community. Prices of both e-liquids and vaping technology will likely soar.
  • As prices increase at alarming rates almost overnight, vapers may be tempted to revert back to their old ways of smoking tobacco cigarettes. If the FDA deeming regulations are not repealed, smoking will once again become cheaper than vaping. 
  • Already, local vape shops are forbidden to give away free samples of e-liquids to visiting customers. Repealing the FDA deeming regulations may make this practice possible once again.
  • Vape shops are also currently prohibited from assisting their customers with modifications, firmware revisions, or coil building for their favorite vaping technology. Repealing the FDA deeming regulations might also make this form of customer service possible again.


  • If the FDA deeming regulations are not repealed by the Trump Administration, vapers can expect to see fewer and fewer local vape shops in their neighborhoods. Internet shops will also likely disappear without warning.
  • As a result, those vape shops that are lucky enough to weather the storm financially will be few and far between. Demand will far surpass the available supply of vaping products.  And the few vape shops who can afford to remain in business will increase their prices even higher.  It’s the old argument of American Capitalism – Supply vs. Demand.
  • These are just a few of the most catastrophic ways in which the FDA deeming regulations threaten to bankrupt the American vaping industry while ensuring that regulations on Big Tobacco remain relatively unchanged.

The American Vaping Industry Needs Your Help!!!

What can you do to help repeal the FDA deeming regulations?  There are several things that you can do that only take a minute or so.  The American Vaping Industry needs your help!  Consider the following options.

  1. Contact the White House by way of a private message!
  2. Call the White House personally and leave a message for Donald Trump. The phone number is (202) 456-1111 or the alternate number (202) 456-1414.
  3. Contact your local congresspersons and senators. To locate your elected officials, simply CLICK HERE and type in your zip code.  In most cases, you can contact them via email, phone, or handwritten letter. 
  4. Sign the Change.org Petition to Repeal the FDA deeming regulations.


Other easy ways to help fight the War on Vaping including getting involved with a nationwide vaping advocacy group like CASAA, SFATA, or the AVA.  There are even vaping advocacy groups for individual states and cities, too.  Just Google them!  It’s that easy!  We encourage everyone in the American vaping community to help in the fight to repeal the FDA deeming regulations…before it’s too late!


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