What are the medical advantages of vaping St. John’s Wort for depression?


The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approximate 350 million people suffer from depression, and one of the most common natural remedies is a dry herb named St. John’s Wort.  Available in over-the-counter pills, capsules, liquids, and even transdermal lotions and ointments, this wonder herb is also perfectly legal and never requires a medical prescription.  Scientists believe that St. John’s Wort provides its miraculous anti-depressant effects by blocking the uptake of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that affect mood. 

Many vapers might be surprised to learn that they can use their vaping technology for many other health benefits other than tobacco harm reduction.  Even before the mass marketing of e-cigarettes in the past decade, the vaporization of dry herbs for medicinal, therapeutic, and religious purposes dates back several centuries.  Today’s gadgetry just makes the whole process infinitely easier.

Vaping St. John’s Wort for depression

Public health organizations like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have known for decades of the enormous potential that vaping technology has for the ingestion of prescription medications.  And a California congressional representative named Duncan Hunter (a.k.a. “The Vaping Congressman”) has made an entire career out of boasting about the as-yet-untapped medicinal value of vaping technology.  Many patients suffering from depression have also discovered the reasons why vaping is the preferable to pills, liquids, and patches.

Vaping St. John’s Wort is faster and more effective

Anytime a person swallows a pill or ingests a substance orally, it must first travel through the digestive system before the bloodstream can absorb its medicinal ingredients.  The substance must first be broken down by the stomach acids and enzymes in the body, which also destroys a certain amount of the product in the process.  The percentage destroyed is called the substance’s “bioavailability.”

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Meanwhile, this complex digestive process takes time and consumes energy.  Vaping, on the other hand, avoids this process entirely and allows the therapeutic effects to occur almost instantly.  Some patients estimate that vaping St. John’s Wort helps reduce their related symptoms of depression by up to 20-30 minutes faster.

Vaping St. John’s Wort is more cost-efficient

St. John’s Wort is a hydrophobic substance, which simply means that it is water-soluble.  The human body tends to want to eliminate these types of foreign substances very quickly, which only further diminishes the herb’s natural bioavailability.  Because vaping avoids the digestive process completely, the bioavailability of the St. John’s Wort is automatically increased.  As a result, vapers of St. John’s Wort get more bang for their buck.  A little bit of St. John’s Wort goes a long way, and vapers save money in the process.

Tipton’s weed, goat weed, and Klamath weed are just a few of the alternative names assigned to this remarkable dry herb.  But St. John’s Wort is also used by patients for a lot of other medical purposes, too.  Besides aiding in depression, many holistic practitioners and medical professionals alike often recommend St. John’s Wort for relief of certain inflammations, infections, anxiety issues, arthritis, and even PTSD.

(Vapers should always consult with their physician before vaping or ingesting St. John's Wort.  Mixing this herb with certain medications is sometimes not recommended.)

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