What are so many people vaping CBD?

Many conventional nicotine-based vapers often question why so many members of their communities are promoting the vaping of CBD for improved health.   Because CBD, otherwise known by its more scientific term of cannabidiol, is manufactured from either hemp or cannabis, conventional vapers sometimes have a negative preconceived ideology against its usage. 

Especially in states where marijuana is still illegal, some people rightly worry that younger people might inadvertently get themselves into legal trouble by vaping CBD.  And when contraband cannabis-based cartridges are determined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to be responsible for the strange EVALI outbreak of 2019, these concerned citizens have a very valid point.  Before vaping CBD products, it is now crucially important now more than ever that these purchases occur through only reputable and legally licensed distributors.

So, why precisely are so many people vaping CBD these days?  Here are four ways that cannabidiol is shown to improve overall health.

1.  Vaping CBD for pain management

Pain relief is the #1 reason why so many people are vaping CBD.  Its natural anti-inflammatory properties help fitness buffs and professional athletes in overcoming post-workout muscle strain.  Meanwhile, doctors often prescribe CBD therapies for people living with multiple sclerosis, acute spinal injuries, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s chorea, and other severe neurological disorders.

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Medical News Today recently published an article discussing the findings of a CBD study entitled, A Cross-Sectional Survey of Medical Cannabis Users: Patterns of Use and Perceived Efficacy.  The study’s co-authors explain in detail why the medical community is now endorsing CBD therapies as an effective pain management therapy.

2.  Vaping CBD for anxiety, panic, and other mental disorders

The same study also indicates that about 50 percent of participants in over 1,400 different research studies say that vaping CBD helps them manage their mental health symptoms related to a variety of illnesses.  Cannabidiol is linked to repression of generalized anxiety disorders, panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorders, and even insomnia.  For depression, the results are less consistent but still noteworthy.

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One of the little-known side benefits of vaping CBD for post-traumatic stress is that CBD oils are far less costly than conventional perception drugs.  However, patients should always consult their physicians before using CBD oils in lieu of conventional medications, especially if they are experiencing periods of suicidal thoughts. Other neurological disorders where CBD has shown significant health benefits include eating disorders, psychotic disorders like schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

3.  Vaping CBD for seizure management

The American Epilepsy Society endorses the vaping of CBD oils as an effective and viable therapy for seizure prevention. The organization cites “anecdotal reports of positive effects of cannabis and/or other CBD products on seizures.” 

The seizure prevention health benefits are so well-documented that the use of CBD oils is now readily and legally available for many epileptic children.  The CBD-based therapy named Charlotte’s Web is considered a lifesaving treatment by parents of children living with at least two of the most severe forms of childhood epilepsy.   Seizures can drop sharply from over one-hundred per day to only a few episodes per week.

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Furthermore, the FDA recently approved its very first CBD-based, anti-seizure medication.  In mid-2018, American neurologists were suddenly allowed to prescribe the wonder drug Epidiolex to patients suffering from the two most severe forms of epilepsy.  Even though The U.S. Department of Justice still considers cannabis to be a legally controlled substance, the agency issued a press release through its subsidiary The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) stating, “Today’s approval of EPIDIOLEX is a historic milestone, offering patients and their families the first and only FDA-approved CBD medicine to treat two severe, childhood-onset epilepsies.”

4.  Vaping CBD for cancer prevention and management

There is considerable evidence mounting that CBD therapies may become critical in the fight against cancer.  One such study entitled Cannabidiol rather than Cannabis sativaextracts inhibit cell growth and induce apoptosis in cervical cancer cells is published in the medical journal  NLB-NIH.

While the American Cancer Institute does not yet endorse CBD as an effective treatment for cancer, its usage has helped millions of chemotherapy patients to overcome their symptoms of nausea and reduced appetite thanks to CBD’s natural antiemetic properties.  In many cases, CBD has shown tremendous success in boosting the immunity system of cancer patents, too.

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