VTA ‘Vape & the FDA 2’ Conference lands Sen. Ron Johnson as Keynote Speaker July 18

The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) has just confirmed that Sen. Ron Johnson will be the Keynote Speaker of the 2nd Annual Vape & the FDA 2 Conference in Washington, DC this July 17-19.  Johnson is a vocal opponent of the FDA deeming regulations and one of the very few elected officials on Capitol Hill with the courage and fortitude to consistently and aggressively fight for the right to vape.

Johnson has been at odds with the Obama Administration and the former FDA Commissioner Robert Califf for the creation and implementation of new deeming regulations that now reclassify e-cigs and vaping technology as tobacco products.  Even though e-liquids are 100% tobacco-free, the American vaping industry is now forced to adhere to a very expensive and time-consuming Pre-Market Tobacco Applications (PMTA) process typically only reserved for Big Tobacco.


Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) will be speaking at 9 am on July 18 at the Trump International Hotel located at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue just steps away from the White House.  All vaping enthusiasts are encouraged to attend, and VTA has even reserved an entire block of rooms for attendees from out of town.  To register for the conference and to reserve guest accommodations, interested parties can sign up via the Vape & the FDA 2 website.

In an interview with Vapes.com, VTA Executive Director Tony Abboud issued the following statement.

“With our second annual conference and Capitol Hill day on July 17-18 in Washington, DC – Vape and the FDA 2 – we are excited to provide our members with the latest information on where the Congress, Administration and the states stand with regard to regulations and legislation governing our industry. In addition to presentations by leading regulatory, legislative and industry experts, we are excited to announce that Senator Ron Johnson, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs and staunch advocate of the vapor industry, will be giving the keynote address. We urge anyone interested in attending this exciting 2-day event to visit our registration portal.”   

The confirmation of Sen. Ron Johnson as Keynote Speaker for the Vape & the FDA 2 Conference is a major triumph for the VTA.  But then again, this politically-savvy advocacy group whose board is filled with vape industry leaders, regulatory specialists, and legal experts has been on a huge winning streak this year.  Just last week, the proposed 69% vape tax by Ohio Governor James Kasich (R-District 12) was defeated by his own Republican-controlled state legislature, and many are crediting the VTA and the Ohio Vapor Trade Association (OHVTA) for this tremendous vaping victory.


Other major accomplishments of the VTA include their assistance in killing a proposed 86% wholesale tax and licensure bill in the state of Utah and a proposed 74% excise tax in Montana.  The organization has also had noteworthy victories in defeating or stalling proposed anti-vaping legislation in Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and some twenty states across the nation.

Unlike other vaping advocacy groups, the VTA has a dedicated state lobbying professional who works exclusively with individual state associates – like the OHVTA in Ohio.  In this day and age where even local governments like Austin and San Francisco are now implementing city-specific versions of anti-vaping legislation, the VTA helps individual states take a more active role in the War on Vaping.

One way that the VTA achieves this goal is by helping independent state associations to locate, hire, train, and manage their own professional, political lobbyists to fight against state-sanctioned, anti-vaping legislation.  In an interview with Vapes.com, OHVTA President James Jarvis issued the following statement.

“OHVTA is excited to once again join our colleagues around the country in Washington D.C. at the Vape and the FDA 2 Event on Capitol Hill hosted by the Vapor Technology Association (VTA). VTA has shown great leadership and forward thinking in our industry, working tirelessly to reign in the over-reaching FDA regulations. We are looking forward to meeting with our House and Senate leaders as well as getting the opportunity to listen to Senator Ron Johnson speak about our industry.”

What to expect at the VTA ‘Vape & the FDA 2’ Conference July 17-19

The Vape & the FDA 2 Conference is not just for the politically-minded vaping activist.  Expect to meet and mingle with e-liquid retailers, vape mod manufacturers, vape shop owners, and even top suppliers, distributors, and importers.  In addition to the esteemed Senator Ron Johnson as Keynote Speaker on July 18, the agenda for the 2nd Annual ‘Vape & the FDA 2’ Conference boasts a long roster of interesting panel discussions and guest speakers covering a broad range of topics, including:

  • The Changing Deeming Deadlines & Requirements
  • Analysis of the existing federal bills
  • Addressing the “youth” marketing issues
  • Using the media to tell the vape story
  • An All-Star panel on flavors and characterizing flavors
  • PMTA requirements / Developing and Executing PMTA strategies and alternative strategies
  • State Vapor Association growth strategies
  • Strategic business / consumer plan for defending vapor at the local level
  • FDA Inspections – What to Expect? What’s been happening?
  • 2017 State Legislative “Post-Mortem” – wins, losses, draws
  • Vapor Taxation Panel
  • Federal Strategies for Saving Vapor

According to VTA officials, last year’s conference was attended by more than 200 leaders of the vape industry from 67 different companies in 26 states and 4 countries.  This year is expected to be an even grander event!  VTA even posted a short one-minute video to give you a first glimpse of what’s to come!

CLICK HERE to register for the VTA Vape & the FDA 2 Conference today!

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