VIDEO: Utah senator tries ‘marijuana gummy bear’ on-camera amid legalization debate

While the FDA, the GOP, and the Democratic Party each continue to demonize vaping on an almost daily basis, legalized marijuana seems to be getting a free pass.  Even Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis is showing his support for the state’s Prop 2 ballot initiative during a Facebook Live video by openly eating his very first marijuana edible shaped in the form of a tangerine-flavored gummy bear.  According to Dabakis, lawmakers shouldn’t knock it until they’ve tried it.

“I just got out of this marijuana place (NuLeaf Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada).  It looks like a little pharmacy, and they gave me this (holds up plastic bad).  It cost me $30, and by the way, Nevada over the last year has collected $420 million with $70 million dollars going to the taxpayers of Nevada from selling weed!”

So, the truth comes out.  It’s all about the money apparently, which may be why even Donald Trump is now reported to be considering the possible decriminalization of medical marijuana at the federal level.   Canada just made a similar move a few months ago, becoming the second nation in the world following Uruguay to do so.  Since Trump seems to have a proverbial bee in his bonnet regarding steel tariffs and our Neighbors to the North, the international competition alone may drive Trump to legalize weed just to piss off Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

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According to the Salt Lake Tribune, legalized weed in Utah is almost a certainty whether Prop 2 passes or not.  Both the Republicans and Democrats seem to want it, and even an elder of the Mormon Church calls marijuana a “gift from God.”  Lawmakers only seem to differ on how best to offer it for sale to Utah citizens. The major point of contention appears to involve a debate over private versus centralized dispensaries. 

“The good news here is that whether [Prop 2] passes or fails, we’re going to arrive at the same point,” stated Utah Governor Gary Herbert."

During his Facebook live experiment with cannabis candies, State Senator Dabakis ensured his viewers that he was not planning to drive himself home afterwards.   Instead, he will be using his driver, expects to “get a little high,” and plans to sit out by his pool until the marijuana-laced gummy bear wears off. He also encouraged other political candidates to “get a gummy bear or smoke a marijuana cigarette” before voting on the proposed legislation while further calling for everyone to just “mellow out.”

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(Image Courtesy of USA Today and Facebook)

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