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Vaping & Lung Cancer: Major medical publication endorses e-cigs

Posted by Matt Rowland on

When a major medical publication out of Dallas, Texas, recently published a report discussing the reduced risks of lung cancer associated with vaping, we thought that it might be time to give the organization its proper respect.  The vaping community often criticizes public health organizations like the American Heart Association and the American Lung Association for spreading misinformation online.  So, when Lung Disease News (LDN) publishes a story with the attention-grabbing headline, E-Cigarettes Carry Much Less Risk of Lung Cancer Than Cigarette Smoke, Study Finds, the vaping community should probably send them a well-deserved shout-out.

We spend so much time and energy viciously vilifying the anti-vapers of the world.  Maybe it’s time that we start applauding those who finally see the light. 

UK study shows vaping reduces risks of lung cancer

The basis of the LDN report surrounds new research from the UK’s University of St. Andrews which suggests e-cigarettes carry significantly less health risks associated with lung cancer compared to those of combustible cigarettes.  In fact, the UK scientists suggest that when electronic cigarettes are used properly and optimally (i.e. the heating temperatures are not cranked up to enormously high levels), e-cigs can be up to 99% less carcinogenic compared to tobacco cigarettes. has reported on this UK study in the recent past, and response within the vaping community was overwhelmingly positive.  But rarely does such pro-vaping research acquire high praise from the sometimes skittish American medical community.

In this case, it did.  Check out Lung Disease News for the full report, and maybe even leave them a kind comment.  The War on Vaping needs all the help that it can get!


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  • Thanks everyone for the kind words. I sometimes get very tired of reading about only the “negative”…don’t you? :) #Vapeon and keep healthy!

    Matt Rowland on
  • Hi Matt. Great article. LOVE is the most powerful medicine of all sickness.Lastnight I,ve read an article like this.:
    One way on how to treat Pancreatic cancer is Surgery. Do you agree?

    Cancer Treatment on
  • I would lie to thank you all personally for this Article , I have been smoking for 40 years now and I am just sick of hearing that smoking will kill you , Let’s look at the truth here , In the beginning they did’nt say all this then they started the campain on it , But I don’t see them doing anything about it like stopping the sale of them or taking them off the market , now they are trying to do the same thing with Vaping , I give up with all the B.S. Kevin

    Kevin Gleim on

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