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Vaping lies: ‘The Truth’ campaign falsely claims 1 Juul pod = 20 cigarettes

Just when you think that the vaping hating community cannot possibly sink any lower, they always seem to drain a little more from the proverbial pool.   If you haven’t yet heard about the morally reprehensible and downright evil anti-vaping campaign called The Truth, prepare to be outraged.

This ironically named website is chock full of misinformation, false facts, and outright lies, the most disturbing of which is a claim that vaping a single Juul pod is tantamount to smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes.   The assertion implies that Juulers should simply quit vaping and begin smoking combustible tobacco cigarettes instead.

This is not “truth.”  This is pure, old-fashioned, anti-vaping propaganda in its most vile form.

The true facts about ‘The Truth’

Yes, lots of people hate Juul.  That’s not a big shock.  Even many vapers find the company’s marketing practices at least questionable while simultaneously blaming Juul for the FDA’s recent abolishment of brick-and-mortar sales of flavored e-liquids.

But for whatever reason, the majority of those vaping teenagers that the FDA is so concerned about are vaping Juul pods and products.  So, when The Truth intentionally implies that vaping and smoking are equally dangerous to one’s health, the website is essentially sending a clear message to America’s youth that they are better off smoking than juuling.

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For teenage America most especially, this reprehensible message is both grotesque and completely unforgivable.  But not everyone reading The Truth’s hogwash is falling for it.  Take, for example, one youthful Juuler who recently expressed his immediate disgust at how “dumb” this anti-vaping propaganda truly is.

"This JUUL thing is so Dumb I wanna smoke 19 Cigarettes."

Secondly, sciences has already proven (decades ago, by the way) that nicotine is not - in itself - the most potentially deadly ingredient of combustible tobacco products.  Eggplants contain nicotine. Tomatoes contain nicotine.  Potatoes contain nicotine.  Nicotine in small doses– in itself – is not all that bad nor is it particularly addictive.

What is highly carcinogenic and downright deadly is the tar and hundreds of toxic chemicals found in the smoke from Big Tobacco products – substances that DO NOT appear in the vapor from electronic cigarettes.  Or if there are measurable levels of detection, those levels are minuscule, usually less than 1%, compared to those of cigarette smoke.  Period.

“Vaping is not tobacco.  There’s nothing wrong with the nicotine, which is what you’re addicted to.  It’s the tobacco that causes all the F-ing damage.  So, you’ve got to get off the tobacco.  You can sure stay on the nicotine.  Find a nicotine replacement. Use a vape. Whatever, and then try to taper down from there….but if you can’t, stay with…anything but tobacco.:
- Drew Pinsky, The Adam Carolla Show

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Secondly, The Truth’s repugnant claim that 1 Juul pod has the same amount of nicotine as 20 cigarettes is 100% wrong.  The Truth is lying to you, pure and simple.  Here’s how vaping advocate and Professor from the Boston University School of Public Health Dr. Michael Siegel explains it in his weekly blog The Rest of the Story.

“It doesn't take an advanced math degree to fact-check this claim. We just need two pieces of information:

1. The most highly concentrated Juul pod (there are two concentrations) contains 40 mg of nicotine.

2. An average cigarette contains about 12 mg of nicotine.

Thus, a Juul pod contains the amount of nicotine equivalent to that in about 3 cigarettes (not 20 cigarettes).”

‘The Truth’ even rolls out the old ‘formaldehyde’ myth

The false claims about Juul are not the only anti-vaping nonsense posted on this soon-to-be-notorious website.  Among the other outrageous claims posted on The Truth is the the widely disputed and scientifically debunked myth that e-cig vapor is laced with deadly levels of formaldehyde.  Of course, the website takes special pains to carefully craft the article’s headline in such a way that avoids potential legal liability issues.  The headline reads:

“Propylene glycol can become formaldehyde – a carcinogen – when heated to vaping temperatures.”

Here we go again.  Yes, e-cig vapor “can” include trace amounts of formaldehyde, but only when those “vaping temperatures” are cranked up so high that the vaping process would be excruciatingly painful for the vaper and not at all pleasant.   Do we really need to have this same ridiculous argument year after year after year?

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(Image courtesy of The Truth Campaign)

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