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Vaping laws in NY change overnight...literally!

For New York vapers who prefer running down to the local convenience store in search of emergency refills on e-liquid, they may be out of luck.  The Empire State just passed a new combination of laws that requires all vape vendors to apply for a special license.  They can now sell vaping paraphernalia, or they can sell tobacco products, but they cannot sell both.

To be clear, tobacco retailers do not need to apply for the new license.  This special privilege is reserved only for vape shops, and it will cost money, too.  In fact, current estimates predict that more than half of all current locations will no longer be available for the purchasing of vaping e-liquids and technology thanks to the new laws.  They might still be open for business, but only if the customer wants to buy combustible tobacco products. 

E-cigs or tobacco: Which does NY like more?

Legislation backed by Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, also makes public vaping illegal in multi-family residences consisting of less than ten units.  Lovers of smaller, more quaint apartment buildings just lost even more of their rights to vape.

But smokers in New York also got a big, bogus, bag of de Blasio bullshit, too.  Billy Boy also signed a new bill that increases the cost of a pack of cigarettes to a whopping $13 minimum.

While the passing of anti-vaping and anti-smoking legislation at the same time may seem like a contradiction in political objectives, what’s happening in New York is further proof that many Americans still believe vaping and smoking are one-in-the-same.


Even though e-liquids are 100% tobacco-free, and the new FDA Scott Gottlieb states openly that it’s the carcinogens in combustible tobacco that kills you, not the nicotine, New York politicians apparently refuse to believe the scientific evidence. 

This latest round of anti-vaping laws was passed almost overnight and with limited warning to the general public.  The package was unanimously approved by NYC’s health committee where it immediately traveled to the city council for a vote.  Council members were not allowed to vote on each individual law one-at-a-time.  It was an all-or-nothing proposal. 

And since New York City is famously (or notoriously, depending on your point of view) a liberal metropolitan area, the combo-pack of anti-vaping legislation sailed through the city council with ease.  Vapers and vape shop owners alike had virtually no chance of appearing in front of the committee to plead or debate their case.

On August 8, 2017, the legislation was presented to the city council.  Less than 24-hours later on August 9, the bills were passed.  Vaping in NY literally changed overnight.


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