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Vaping industry under siege: What can YOU do to save vaping?

Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency over five months ago, and the American vaping community was immediately jolted into a powerful surge of hopeful optimism.  After eight, solid years of Obama-era federal oversight that saw the likes of the FDA deeming regulations come into existence, vape shops around the nation were all but certain that their fates were doomed.

Then Trump won.  And we began to believe the impossible: With a Republican in the White House and a Republican appointee running the FDA, the chances of repeal looked almost inevitable.

But it’s five months later, and we are still waiting!! 

It’s time to take action!

It’s time to remind our Republican elected officials that WE MEAN BUSINESS!  And with just a few clicks of the mouse, YOU can send that message – loud and clear!



What can YOU do to save vaping?

For those in the vaping community who are new to the political scene, the FDA deeming regulations were enacted August 8, 2016.  Before then, local vape shops were allowed to offer you free samples of e-liquids and maybe even help you build a better coil.  But no more, thanks to the FDA deeming regulations.

But the FDA deeming regulations don’t stop there!

They are only just beginning!

Two years from now - August 8, 2018 – all vape shops, retailers, and manufacturers will need to apply and be approved for a Pre-Market Tobacco Application (otherwise called a PMTA) from the FDA.  A PMTA will be required for EACH AND EVERY VAPOR PRODUCT sold in the United States after February 15, 2007!  That’s TEN YEARS AGO!

Nearly every vaping product that you currently buy will be affected! 

To apply for a PMTA, the FDA requires a hefty fee, loads of scientific research, and in some cases, independently-verified case studies proving that the product is safe for public consumption.  Depending on the product, a PMTA could cost in upwards of $1 MILLION….EACH!

But there is an easy solution to this dilemma:

The Cole-Bishop Amendment!

The Cole-Bishop Amendment is appropriately named for the two congressmen who wrote it - Rep. Sanford Bishop (D - GA) and Rep. Tom Cole (R - OK).  If the bill is approved by Congress and signed into law by Donald Trump, then the predicate date of February 15, 2007 will be essentially REMOVED! 

The Cole-Bishop Amendment will safeguard all of your favorite vaping products from almost certain bankruptcy!

And Congress is debating the Cole-Bishop Amendment RIGHT NOW!

Insiders on Capitol Hill are telling us that Congress is currently debating whether to include the Cole-Bishop Amendment into the 2017 Fiscal Budget for the new Trump Administration, and THE U.S. VAPING INDUSTRY NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW!! Won’t you please help?  It only takes about 5-scoends!  Promise!




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