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Vaping in Malaysia could lead to prison, says law officials

While the e-cigs market has been booming in the majestic metropolis of Selangor, Malaysia, new laws are threatening this vaping paradise which could lead to jail time.  According to city officials, vapers caught engaging in their favorite pastime in a public park might be slapped with a hefty fine of up to $2,300, and repeat offenders could even be sent to prison for a period of two-years.

But it’s not just vaping in public parks that is now outlawed.  The Malaysian vaping community cannot vape in any public venues located throughout Selangor, including shopping centers, government buildings like the post office or hospitals, any public place with air-conditioning, or even gas stations.  To be fair, the new laws also apply to smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Selangor, Malaysia bans vaping based on religious reasons

Selangor, Malaysia is a rather large city of approximately 30 million people and climbing.  It lies somewhere between Thailand and Indonesia, and Islam is the official, state-sanctioned religion.  According to recent reports, officials have recently denounced both vaping and smoking as “haram,” an Islamic term for “forbidden.”

Now, just because a state has an official religion does not mean that every citizen is devoutly religious.  In fact, even though smoking and vaping is considered “haram,” the major metropolitan area has witnessed a tremendous surge in cigarette smoking and vaping in recent years.


Current national statistics show that more than 50 percent of all Malaysian men are current smokers.  And Malaysia also boasts more than 1 million vapers who spend about $117 million per year on vaping technology and e-juices.   So, lawmakers decided to make their anti-vaping, anti-smoking position clearer by passing the new law. 

But Malaysian lawmakers also have another goal in mind.  According to The Straits Times, Malaysia wants to be completely smoke-free by 2045, less than thirty years from now.  The article also lists the thirteen state parks in which vaping and smoking are now forbidden due to the passage of the legislation entitled, Control of Tobacco Product (Amendment) Regulations 2017. 

Now, smoking is not vaping.  But this latest legislation passed in Selangor, Malaysia is additional confirmation that the two acts are confusingly intertwined – not just in the USA but all around the world.  Even in the far east, vaping is still associated as an extension of tobacco smoking, even though e-liquids are 100% tobacco-free.   Apparently, vapers of all walks of life and nationalities are suffering from the same sorts of outlandish government overregulation based on misinformation, fake news, and alternative facts.



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